Q&A Sunday: Pregnancy and Feng Shui

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We bought crystals from the Holistic Spaces Store recently to hang one each above main entrance door, study and bedroom (as my bed in line with the door). My husband and I lost a lot of pregnancies without any medical explanation. Could you please suggest the changes we need to make to our bedroom? Also I want to move up in my career with higher education, and my husband needs to start his training/career/job. I feel like for the seven years we've lived in our current house, things have been stressful, creating anxiety and stagnant in addition to pregnancy losses and the loss of my dad (he doesn't live with us). Any feng shui help or suggestions are appreciated!

Arjun S., Muncie, IN

Hi Arjun,

Thanks so much for shopping with us! It sounds like you have put the feng shui crystal balls (available at the Holistic Spaces store here) to good use, and in appropriate locations (good job!)

I'm also very sorry to hear about your pregnancy difficulties. A couple of general feng shui suggestions for pregnancy are the following: first, be sure to halt any sort of renovations in the home. Any sort of disturbances in your home can affect a pregnancy. Second, refrain from cleaning under your bed. I know this sounds odd, but in BTB feng shui, this is a big no-no. If you want to conceive, it's best to avoid cleaning or dusting under the bed.

And while we're talking about the bed, be sure that you have a sturdy headboard with plenty of space and good air flow under the bed. Many people have platform beds or no bed frames, which can affect health and stability.

Check in next week and we'll respond the the second part of your question 😃

by Anjie Cho

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