Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Toilets and Drains

If water represents wealth, and closing the toilet seat helps to moderate the loss of money, what about sink and shower drains?

Leanne D, Lindale, TX

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your question! Bathrooms are a bit of a concern in feng shui, because the water (and soiled water) flows in and out of this space. You are smart to ask about sink and shower drains. The entire bathroom is a concern, because there are additional drains besides the toilet. The toilet is usually of the most concern, because of the waste, but yes, the other drains also affect your feng shui. 

There are many cures for the bathroom, which help to mitigate any energy loss, especially if the bathroom is in an inauspicious area. It really depends on your floor plan, your specific issues, and the inspiration of the practitioner. There are many many many feng shui adjustments that are not shared except in consultations. You receive them as needed when you work with a practitioner. It's kind of like how you should see a doctor rather than review WebMD for medical advice.

But in general, I would suggest you look at the bathroom area as a whole room and leave the nuances regarding the drains to the experts. You obviously can't close the drains of the sink and shower, but you can keep the door to the bathroom shut. If you work with a practitioner, they can also see if the bathroom is located in an area of concern (in relationship to the feng shui bagua map). For instance, you may want to adjust if the bathroom is in the Fame area, because it may dowse the fire energy related to your reputation and how the world sees you!

Great question and thank you for asking! 

by Anjie Cho

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