Q&A Sunday: Bagua Layout Basics

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I was just wondering what would be the best way to use feng shui in a living/dining room combo. My front door enters into the Career area of the bagua, with the dining room to the left and the living room to the right of it. Also I have a patio door on the east wall of the living room and a fireplace in the northeast corner next to it. I am struggling with the layout and accuracy. Please help.

Kay R., Oak Park, CA


Hi Kay

Thanks for your question about the best way to use feng shui for a living and dining room that is combined. It would be very helpful if you sent along a floor plan (it’s not clear where your patio door or fireplace is exactly). If you sent it along we could do a follow-up. 

There are many situations where rooms are combined. I don’t know the layout of your entire home, but you can lay the feng shui bagua map on just the room in question, the living-dining room. From your description, the Path in Life (career) area is where your front door is, and it’s also the Path in Life area of your living-dining room. Then you would divide the entire room in a 3x3 grid. Each of the 9 areas you’ve created would then correspond to a bagua map area. 

The feng shui bagua map is conceptual, and it can stretch and shrink to fit different spaces. You can lay it on your entire home, a single room (like your living-dining room combination), on a piece of furniture like your bed, or even your palm. In turn, it can expand to include your entire property, your neighborhood, city, country and so on. We have a few other blog posts where we discuss this, be sure to check them out.

As far as what you want to work on, well that’s up to you! I would look at 1-3 areas of your life that need the most attention and see if any match up with the feng shui bagua map areas. It’s also helpful to have a consultant look at your plan so you can see the correct bagua layout.

I recommend checking out other bagua-related posts on the blog to get a feel of how unique each floor plan is. Ultimately, BTB feng shui focuses more on intention than getting everything perfectly correct, but it would benefit you to submit your floor plan, schedule a call or contact a practitioner you like. Past that, the best option here is to apply the bagua only to the living-dining combo in your space and go from there!

by Anjie Cho

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