Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Dorm Rooms (And Other Tiny Spaces)

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First off I want to say that I truly love your podcast and have learned a great deal of knowledge from listening! I have a question: what are some tips for making a dorm room (small space) in college feel more open & aligned to feng shui principles? It sometimes hard in the dorm rooms because you do almost everything (sleep, eat, study, etc) basically all in the same space since the dorm rooms typically just have a bed, desk, chair and small closet.

Jenna F., Long Island, NY


Hi Jenna

Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! That makes me happy!

And thank you for offering your question about feng shui for a dorm room for a Q&A post.

Dorm rooms are similar to studio apartments, albeit smaller! And it is seemingly a challenge for the reasons you listed: it’s tiny and you do everything (sleep, eat, study) in one small space. I would add some other considerations: it’s temporary and many others have occupied the space. 

First plan of attack, laying the feng shui bagua map. It’s just as easy to lay the bagua map on the dorm room as it would be any other room or space. You can lay the bagua on the whole room, and don’t forget your desk. You’re living in a dorm room because you’re studying, so your desk represents your knowledge and studies. Perhaps it could be beneficial to activate the Knowledge area of your room, desk and bed to support your skills and education. You can use a dark blue piece of lapis lazuli, because it’s small but also it can stimulate the mind. Blue fluorite would also be great to help with focus and orderly thought.

You do a lot of different activities in a small dorm room, such as sleeping and studying, and while you’re studying this makes sense that the life areas are intertwined. When you’re in school, the focus is your education, and it will permeate all aspects of your life. But it’s still important to locate your bed and desk in the commanding position. If you can’t you set up a mirror, be sure to read or listen to our other information on the commanding position.

Lastly, since dorm rooms are transitory and there have been many other occupants as well as the energy of others, a regular space clearing may be helpful when feeling overwhelmed. I would suggest our No. 3 Space spray so you don’t need to burn anything, and it’s less intrusive for your dorm neighbors. I also think the temporal nature of the space is a wonderful reminder of the impermanence of life as well. So as challenges come up, it’s reassuring to remember this too shall pass.

Going to college is such an exciting experience, and I'm happy to hear you want to incorporate positive feng shui in this space. It can be so helpful with settling into a new space, especially a small one for studying! Good luck!

by Anjie Cho

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