Q&A Sunday: Laying a Bagua with Unusual Door Placement

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I'm an interior designer just starting to learn about Feng Shui - I just discovered your podcast and I love it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this. I popped the floor plan of my apartment into Autocad - It's attached here. I have no idea how you would impose the bagua on this layout, because the entrance is in a strangely shaped corridor in the middle of the space. I would love your opinion on the right way to look at the space. 

Laura K.H., Brooklyn, NY

Hi Laura,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your email, and I’m glad you like the podcast! 😃 Hopefully I’ll bring it back one day!

Laying a Bagua with Unusual Door Placement - Floor Plan.png

It's great that you have a nice floor plan drawn of your home. You’ve labeled that the front door of your apartment, the door by the kitchen, is the “main entrance”. I’ve graphically place a big red arrow there for reference. If that is indeed the main entrance, you would lay out your bagua as shown on my sketch here in solid red lines, with the Path in Life/Career area as shown. This arrangement leaves your entire dining room, living room and office outside of the bagua area, as extensions of the bagua areas adjacent. For instance, Career extends to part of the dining room and the sofa area of the living room, as shown with the dashed red lines. The dashed blue area could be considered part of the Career extension creating a boot like shape. 

I would strongly advise that you rethink the “main entrance” to your space and start using the door in the living room, which would place the bathroom, bedroom and office as extensions. In addition to switching up and using the living room door, you can also use the first step when you reach the landing of your hallway as the “yin” door and lay a second bagua. It looks like you may be on the top floor of this building, so you could claim that hall area as part of your bagua. This would give you the most balanced bagua. And it’s slightly better to walk into the living room first than the kitchen and bedroom area.

You can claim the hallway as part of your second bagua layout with energy, or with color or rugs or other visual ways

Let us know what you think! 

by Anjie Cho 

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