Feng Shui with Common Household Items

featured this month on Inquirer.net by Arch. Vittoria Lou Mawis

image credit:  Inquirer.net

image credit: Inquirer.net

Believe it or not, salt might actually bring some luck to your home. Feng shui, or the Chinese practice of harmonizing spaces, uses many items to direct energy.

More often than not, we decorate with baguas, animal statues, and paintings when we wish to follow feng shui in practice.

According to long-time followers however, some common items may also work to bring in positive energy to your home. Beyond lucky charms, feng shui is about knowing how materials and shapes affect spaces.

So, if you wish to encourage luck subtly, learn how household objects can influence your domestic Qi flow.


Beyond feng shui, plants are wonderful at home because of aesthetics and natural benefits. They liven up spaces and help improve indoor air quality. In feng shui, plants are usually used to symbolize growth, expansion and new beginnings.

Anjie Cho, principal of Anjie Cho Architect, recommends decorating with plants that have soft, round leaves. Prickly plants should be avoided or to offset with other ones.

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