Q&A Sunday: Buying a New Home

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Thanks for your podcast and blog, I love all the things I learn from you. We are deciding whether or not to buy a house that would be great in so many ways, although it is a financial risk. It is a house of many entrances, but the real entrance faces south west, the other two entrances are North East and North West. My daughter and I are 9s and my husband is a 1, so all these are described as ruinous directions. Should I be worried? Or should I go ahead and then fix the influences when we move in? We currently live in a (rather small) house that faces South, which has worked well for us, so we are not desperate to move, we could wait for something that faces a different direction. Thanks for your help,

Stephanie B., Denmark

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks so much for your email and question, and for listening to the podcast and reading the blog. First off, I practice BTB feng shui, so the directions are not something we focus on in this particular school. There are dozens of schools of feng shui, and my teachers have taught to respect and honor all of them. However, everyone agrees also not to mix and match them. This is where reading things here and there can get you into trouble. You also note that you and your daughter are the number nine and your husband is a one, however you don’t indicate what that number is in relationship to…so again, it’s good to know what you’re using and be knowledgeable and clear about it. In the feng shui that I use and teach, again, the directions are not the most important thing. Also the numerology we use is the nine star ki, which has nothing to do with which direction is better for you. It sounds like flying star, maybe. But with that, your negative directions change every year.

My first suggestion is to look at the practical aspects. The first thing you note is that although the new home is great in many ways, it is a financial risk. The fact that it’s a financial risk is the first clue. I think you already know that even if you may or may not be reading the feng shui of the home, the mundane aspects indicate it is not a wise decision. Always, always, always remember that the mundane is as important, if not more, than the invisible, transcendental aspects of a situation. If it does not make sense functionally or practically, please pay attention to that first. From your words, I understand that you are in a good place now, not in a hurry to move out. So I think you have your answer! Wait until you find the right place for you that works for you financially and with whatever school of feng shui you are using. Remember, stick with one school, or one consultant. There is a poverty mentality that arises when one dabbles and goes feng shui “shopping”. Find the one school that you would like to work with and stick with it. There is so much depth and knowledge with each school. It takes a lifetime just to become an expert in one.

In the case that this home was workable from the mundane sense, yes, BTB feng shui offers many ways to adjust with most feng shui shortcomings. Feng shui is often remedial. I work with many clients while they’re searching for a new home. The most recent was looking for a new home in Manhattan. It was difficult because every floor plan has its missing areas, not to mention balancing location, budget, amenities and then getting an accepted offer. And this isn’t just Manhattan, right? It’s really challenging to do the best you can, there’s going to be no “perfect” solution. However pay attention..if the practical aspects are working and you love the place, then the feng shui can be workable. Listen to your intuition.

by Anjie Cho

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