Q&A Sunday: How Should I Lay Out My Therapy Office?

I’ve just been assigned my first office, see attached floor plan with the current furniture layout. Help! How would you recommend I lay out this office, keeping in mind that I’m a psychiatrist and see patients here?

Stephanie C., Washington D.C.

Stephanie's Original Office Layout

Stephanie's Original Office Layout

Hi Stephanie! 

Congrats on your new office! There are a few things to consider in laying out your office. Please see my suggested layout below.


Since this is your office, your desk is of the utmost importance, so we should try to locate it in the commanding position. Ideally, you would want it on the right back corner so that you’re not behind the swing of the door. However, I felt like the chairs in which you see patients are also important. The location on the left side is still OK. Because you’re in line with the door, you could place a feng shui crystal ball (available at the Holistic Spaces store here) in the line of qi, between the door and your desk.


I mentioned earlier that because you are a psychiatrist and see patients in this office, it’s also important that you and your patients feel comfortable in this space. This is why I placed the chairs on the right side so they are not in the line of qi (in line with the door). But with the desk still further back in the office, spatially you’re still in the authoritative position near the back of the space.

Stephanie's New Layout

Stephanie's New Layout


I put these in areas that you would easily be able to access and where there was room left. You could also consider that they’re located in the Knowledge and Relationship areas of the feng shui bagua map. In a sense, the books support your knowledge and skill to help your clients in their relationship with you and with the world.

Diplomas, Artwork, Plants

Diplomas above the desk area, placed in the Abundance area of the feng shui bagua map, support your wealth and self worth. The artwork can be placed so that both you and your patient have something lovely to look at while sitting in the chairs and at your desk. Plants all along the window sills can provide growth, support and kindness to support your prosperity, recognition and relationships.

Thanks again for this great question!

by Anjie Cho

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