Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Difficult Neighbors

So excited your podcast is back. I'm really enjoying trying to incorporate feng shui into my home. I am wondering if you might be willing to suggest if there is any way to deal with unfriendly, aggressive neighbors? I am starting to feel like I attract them. I'm honest to goodness a normal decent human being/mom with two young kids. I've had to get restraining orders against neighbors and eventually moved to a new home to avoid them. Now, I have new neighbor who is becoming very paranoid and aggressive. I've got a turtle and a frog on the front porch. Would wind chimes help? Appreciate your time and any adjustments that might address neighbors.

Sarah S., Tacoma, WA

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for writing in. We’re excited that our podcast is back as well! Thanks for listening!

That’s great that you’re trying to incorporate feng shui into your home. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had some run-ins with unfriendly and aggressive neighbors. That’s pretty extreme that you’ve had to have restraining orders against your neighbors and that you’ve had to actually move!

I don’t know if this has happened more than twice, but oftentimes the universe presents us with the same challenges over and over again until we work through them and resolve them. As a general rule, I like to work with issues as they arise rather than pushing them aside, because I know they will come up again. This is not to say that you’re doing this; I’m just speaking in general.

I’m not sure what the turtle or the frog on the front porch does. There are many, many schools of feng shui, and in BTB feng shui I have not learned any adjustments that have to do with putting a turtle or frog on the front porch.

There are some secret BTB feng shui cures you can work with if you work directly with a practitioner, but they’re not adjustments that you share without an exchange of energy and without hiring a consultant. What happens in these secret adjustments is that you transform the harmful people into helpful people. What I can suggest without working with you one-on-one, are ways for you to protect your family while still opening your heart. By doing this, you can transform harmful people into helpful people.

If we look at the feng shui bagua map, you can look at a few areas that may help with the situation. There is the Benefactors area, which relates to helpful people, so you can activate that. You would activate that area in your home, not outside, because you can attract helpful people and transform harmful people into helpful people by becoming a helpful person, and maybe becoming more helpful to your neighbors.

Another area you could address is protection, which you can do by repeating this mantra called Ho’ opono pono:

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Ho’ opono pono is practiced in Huna, a spiritual tradition from Hawaii. The idea is that you ask people that are hurting you to forgive you, because everyone in the community is responsible for everybody else. If some wrongdoing happened in a community, everyone in the community would be responsible, not just the person who did the wrongdoing.

Note: There are other secret feng shui adjustments that look at protection. Again, these are shared through one-on-one transmission.

You can also work to heal any karmic ties you may have by performing one good deed a day for 27 days. This will help to heal any karmic baggage that needs some attention at this point.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. It may be helpful to find a BTB feng shui consultant in your area. Or, if a consultation with a full-fledged consultant is not something you’re interested in, we have students in our Mindful Design program who offer consultations at a reduced rate, and they would be able to share those secret transmissions with you. If you’re interested in a student consultation, please reach out to us at Mindful Design School.

Thank you for your question, and thanks for listening to the podcast!

by Anjie Cho

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