Q&A Sunday: Schools of Feng Shui

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There are so many schools of feng shui, I'm honestly a little confused. I just recently just found out that when sleeping, it is the crown of our head that faces our favourable direction. My mother had a seasoned practitioner come over a long time ago (almost 15 years ago, I think) and he told us the complete opposite! So technically we've been facing the wrong direction for almost 15 years! 

Samantha C., Malaysia

Thanks Samantha for this follow up comment. I believe that this is a great topic for Q&A Sunday!

Yes, there are dozens of feng shui schools out there, and not only is it confusing, they may contradict each other! The compass school looks at directions, the form school looks at shapes, plus there’s flying stars and many more. I practice BTB feng shui.

In BTB feng shui, we recognize all other schools of feng shui as correct and valid. One major difference with BTB is that we look at the direction of qi into a space, so the bagua is located based on the flow of energy. We also utilize many “invisible” cures in addition to mundane enhancements such as adding a crystal or moving furniture. The invisible cures are sometimes found in BTB books, but most often only shared by practitioners. Invisible cures may be rituals, meditations, etc. – which are effective ways to further boost your physical adjustments with powerful intention. An example would be “One good deed a day.” Personally, I share the “transcendental” adjustments one-on-one only.

In regards to your sleeping direction, I would encourage you to consider, rather than feeling that you have been facing the “wrong” direction, we can shift that viewpoint. Maybe this change of direction in bed symbolizes a shift in your life. Perhaps you are embracing another way of positioning yourself in the world and you’re excited to see the qi that’s opening up in your life.

It's interesting, because I’ve been reading a little into Vastu (Vedic feng shui), and they also use the commanding position for the bed. Yes, the different feng shui schools may contradict each other and be very confusing. In feng shui implementation, I suggest you use an advanced practitioner or do your best to follow one school.

by Anjie Cho

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