Arrange your bedroom exactly like this if you want a better night's sleep

In these chaotic times, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear you’ve been having trouble sleeping (same here). If you’ve tried everything and anything to improve your sleep quality with no luck, you might want to consider taking some time to get smart about your bedroom design. Quitting coffee after lunchtime and abandoning your phone in another room before bed are great hacks for making it easier to fall asleep at a decent hour, and a dedicated wind-down routine or a little meditation in the evenings can help put you in the right relaxed mood. But no matter how much you set yourself up for some good shuteye beforehand, if your bedroom isn’t conducive to sleep, you may still find yourself tossing and turning.

“Your bedroom, the arrangement of your space, and everything in your space has a huge impact on your sleep quality,” says Anjie Cho, an interior architect and feng shui designer. “If you’re not in control of your bedroom space when you’re sleeping, everything that’s in your space absolutely can affect you, from the mundane aspects like the light quality to the electronics.”

You may be in a passive state, Cho explains, but your brain is by no means turned off when you’re asleep. Your subconscious mind can still process external stimuli and thus be affected by your surroundings.

Want a bedroom that will help you sleep better? Here’s how to arrange your bedroom, according to interior designers:

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