How to Feng Shui a Living Room in Two Bagua Areas

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image credit: Jacalyn Beales/Unsplash via  The Spruce

image credit: Jacalyn Beales/Unsplash via The Spruce

You may have decided to brush up on your feng shui knowledge, and the first thing you do is attempt to lay the bagua in your home. At first it seems easy, then after awhile, not so simple. When you finally think you’ve figured it out, you might give into frustration thinking there's no way your home will fit into these neat little squares. 

We can assure you there's no need to freak out—you’re not destined for bad feng shui.

It’s okay to have your living room, or any room for that matter, fall into two bagua areas. In fact, a room can overlap into two areas without any issues at all. It’s like life. Our lives don’t fall into perfect boxes. It’s not bad or good, it’s neutral. 

Living Rooms, a Room to Live

Your living room represents the social part of your life. It’s where you engage socially as well as rest and relax with others. We greet our friends and have conversations here. Your family gathers here, too. It’s half private and half public. There’s often a sofa and some chairs around a low table to sit and connect.

It's a space where many things happen at many different times, so it makes sense that a living room can fall into any of the nine bagua areas. Because it’s a more public space, this room often falls towards the front of the home, but it’s not a rule. And it’s not better or worse if your living room is in the rear of the home. Instead, we encourage you to think of your living room as an opportunity to improve how you live.

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by Anjie Cho

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