Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a Sloping Property

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I just found your website, and I looked over the beautiful images. I love the way you explain Feng Shui and talk about why it is helpful to us.

I bought a lot in Maine last year that is quite small, about 1/3 of an acre. It has a huge American elm tree in the front, and a small asphalt pad where there was previously a modular home (which I got hauled off). Then the lot drops off at a downward angle into a wetland kind of area with lots of pretty wetland growth. I have read that a sloping back yard (according to Feng Shui) is really bad...that all your prosperity goes out of your house. 

Can you suggest anything that I can do about the drastic slope? Would stone steps, or stone terracing behind the house going down to a cleared area in the back be helpful? I have read such negative things about a sloping back yard, I am a little dismayed. 

Sarah G., Maine

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your email and your kind words! I love Maine! It’s so beautiful there!

Yes, a property that slopes down in the back indicates that prosperity and qi also fall down and away. In your case, you also have a wet area. If it’s at all river-like, it may also be a little more severe, as the qi continues to flow away from you. 

But, please don’t be dismayed! There is hope! The simplest feng shui solution is to install flag poles or tall lighting at the back corners of the lot to lift the qi. Note, in a full consultation with a practitioner, you may find there’s a more ideal adjustment that’s tailored to you. 

Also, the elm tree in front of the lot is great, but be sure it’s in good health. A dying tree in the front of a property can affect the well-being of the inhabitants. And, unless you are retired and seek to “hide” from the work, be sure it’s not blocking your doorway or the entry to the lot.

But I do love the symbology of the Elm tree:

One website says "The Elm tree is the Tree of Intuition. It gives you strength in listening to your own inner voice and trusting your intuition. It serves as a catalyst to sending, feeling and possibly seeing that which is not always visible. The Elm is a favorite tree of wood elves and dryads. If you sleep beneath an Elm, they will appear in your dreams. Elms are connected to each other unlike any other trees species. They sense the death of a fellow Elm and will mourn it, often becoming sick themselves. A staff or wand made from an Elm branch assists in meditation and magic. The Elm tree lends strength to whoever comes near it, and will help in overcoming exhaustion. It helps you access universal energy rather than depleting your own.”

I hope this helps! Thanks for this question. Let us know how it turns out and send along some photos!

by Anjie Cho

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