6 Easy Feng Shui Fixes to Create Prosperity

Aside from help in the romance department, feng shui for prosperity and abundance is one of the most popular requests I get. We all want love and stability! Fortunately, there are many easy adjustments that can encourage prosperity and open your life to abundance. Here are some of my favorites!

Put Your Furniture in Command

It's important that all your major furniture pieces are in the commanding position, as this symbolically places you in control of your life. This is especially important for your desk, where you earn your financial stability, and your stove, where you nourish yourself. If it's not possible to put these directly in the commanding position, add mirrors to make the doors in your space visible from these positions. 

Add a Plant (Or Plants) to Your Prosperity Corner

On the feng shui bagua map, the back left corner of your space represents abundance, wealth and prosperity. Adding a plant to this space promotes growth and prosperity in addition to bringing a beautiful touch of nature inside. Check the blog for plant recommendations or opt for three or nine bamboo stalks to really amp up your abundance!

Set Up Some Mirrors

Mirrors are a common adjustment in feng shui and they work well for encouraging prosperity. To increase your earning ability and bring prosperity, add a small, round mirror above your workspace to enhance focus and clarity while you work. You can also add a mirror behind your stove, as burners represent prosperity as well, and mirroring them symbolically multiplies them in number! 

Add Citrine

Back to the Abundance area of the bagua map, adding citrine here can also stimulate abundance and prosperity. As with any feng shui adjustments, you can lay the bagua on your bedroom, office, desk or entire space to effectively make this adjustment, or opt for three different placements (bedroom, home and desk) to triple your prosperity!

Add Water to Your Entry

Water represents the flow of cash and wealth into your space, so adding a water element to the entry of your home is a great way to increase prosperity. Just be sure that any water element with actual flowing water directs into your home, not out! 

Carry a Chinese Astrological Charm

In Chinese New Year and astrology, each year honors a different animal. Each of those animals has a best friend in the zodiac animal kingdom. If you're looking for prosperity, check out the current year's animal, then carry a feng shui charm of that animal's best friend for protection and luck. This year's best friend is the Snake!

There are numerous feng shui adjustments to increase prosperity and abundance. The more in depth you get with a feng shui practitioner, the more personal these cures will get, but these basic remedies can certainly work wonders as well! We'd love to hear about your adjustments from the blog, so please send photos or stories about how feng shui is improving your life!

by Anjie Cho