Cozy Up to Autumn: 6 Decorating Tips

The change in seasons is Mother Nature’s cue to shuffle up some of her decorating choices. As we move through autumn, the lush green and sunny colors associated with summer are replaced by the sunset hues of fall. Scarlet, gold and rich oranges transition into Mother Nature’s palette, and it’s beautiful. Follow her lead and bring some of autumn’s best decorating choices indoors with these tips. 

Bring the outside in

Gourds, small pumpkins and autumnal plants are natural outdoor decorating elements. They are great additions indoors, too. Incorporate some smaller gourds into your dining room centerpiece. Another great way to pull the outdoors in is to fill flower pots with moss, grasses and twigs. 

Rotate accessories

Swap out the set of throw pillows on your sofa for pillows that are rich, deep crimson or a spicy pumpkin. Replace the art on your walls with nature-themed pictures and pieces that incorporate autumn’s hues. 

Remember the details

Take a good look at the less noticeable components of your décor. Small changes to these pieces can make a big impact. Start with a little thing like wrapping jute or rope around a favorite candle. Swap out the flowers in that vase on your bookcase for dried, faded hydrangea. Think subtle. Think autumn. And have fun!

Savor the scents

Nothing says fall more than the tantalizing scents of apple pie and crisp fallen leaves. Both of these scents, and a host of other seasonal ones, can be found in candles or wax burners. Whether subtle or more pronounced, the scents of autumn wafting from melting wax will set you in an autumn state of mind. If candles aren’t your thing, add cinnamon sticks, clover and nutmeg to a pot of boiling water for the same effect.

Think cozy

The air outside is getting crisp. The indoors should complement it with a more cozy, inviting warmth. Drape soft texture blankets and quilts in fall colors over the back of your favorite seat and at the foot of your bed. Rotate out your summer friendly area rugs for something plush, warm and autumnal. Have a fireplace? Create an intimate seating area near it. Make sure this nook has a small table for steaming cups of cocoa, belly-warming spiced cider or a mug of Stiggly Holistic's fire water

Check the lights

The sun will be setting earlier each passing day as we march on toward winter. Now is a good time to make sure you’ve got the proper light fixture in each room. Is your favorite reading nook lit well enough to read while you’re cozied up with a warm throw? Is the light in your bedroom too bright to help you transition to sleep at the end of the day? Replace bulbs, switch around light fixtures and add dimmer switches where appropriate.

by Anjie Cho