Q&A Sunday: Using Colors in Your Space


Hi Anjie, Love your podcasts and I am in need of your guidance again :) I am aware that using certain colors may affect the energy of the room...for example, we should avoid using colors that are too fiery/energetic for the bedroom. What about the color blue? As it's also a water element, would it have a negative impact if I use too much of it in my home? We are thinking of pale blue walls for our kitchen and bedroom.

Samantha C., Malaysia

Hi again, Samantha!

First thing, you need not necessarily avoid fiery/energetic colors in the bedroom. For instance, if a couple needs to spice things up, it may be helpful to use red or fire colors to invoke more passion. It may counteract that “I’m too tired, let’s go to bed” feeling. Also, someone who’s very depressed and lethargic may benefit from energetic colors like red or brighter greens and blues if they need an energy boost. It’s not always good to sleep your way through life, right?

But in general, the bedroom is a place for rest and regeneration, so blues and greens are great healing colors for the bedroom. It’s all about the shade, though. I think that pale blue is perfect for a bedroom. and also fine for a kitchen, especially if you want to lose weight. Images of the ocean are relaxing and are the water element, however light blue is not water in BTB feng shui. Water is black and dark blue

One other thing to watch out for with the water images: water can also be depressing, dark and sinking, energetically. So if you or your partner has the tendency towards that, it would be best to have other sorts of images in the bedroom.

Too much water isn’t necessarily bad. For instance, I have a weak yin wood daymaster in my four pillars chart, so actually water really nourishes me. I live on the East River, and I love to vacation around water. And I’ve only lived in California and New York, on the coast near water. I absolutely love images of water and they really make me happy!

Taking care to use certain colors in your space can definitely be beneficial! Just be sure you also take into account the needs of people in your life who will be using each room. Different colors can cause different effects, but it always depends upon the person, just like feng shui!

by Anjie Cho

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