The Healing Powers of Crystals and Gemstones

my Super 7 pendant

my Super 7 pendant

I met Rosie Stars, from Super 7 Healers a few years ago at the Awaken Fair in NYC. Rosie creates beautiful jewelry with beautiful and healing crystals and gemstones.

I purchased a "Super 7" pendant that activates all seven chakras. It "facilitates spiritual growth on all levels of being, gives access to subconscious mind to remember one’s purpose & how to live it. Contains all 7 mineral characteristics in every stone whether they are visible or not and synergistically creates a higher frequency that heals". And I wear it everyday. The results have been amazing, and it's gorgeous.

Rosie was kind enough to let me interview her about the healing properties of crystals and gemstones.

AC: Please tell us about the healing properties of gemstones, minerals and crystals.

RS: Every stone has different healing properties based on its origination, mineral content and color. Most stones can be used to balance specific chakras based on color, or you can wear stones that are effective on all chakras. For instance, a stone like Larimar is a rare, beautiful blue which looks like water in the Caribbean. It was created through volcanic activity when the island of the Dominican Republic was formed, making it a water AND fire stone. Because of this, it is a great stone to balance hot flashes and swings of emotion. It helps us speak our truth without being overly emotional as it is a throat chakra stone. It's very good for all women and especially great for managers, lawyers, mothers, anyone hitting their 40-50's to wear!

What are your favorite gemstones, their properties, and why are they your favorites?

I don't have a favorite. I consider stones more like sacred tools, medicine or helpers - so I honor them all. But I personally need to work with certain stones 24/7. Sugilite is a rare purple "violet flame" stone from South Africa that I must wear as it helps shield me from other peoples energy. I pick up other people's pain/negativity otherwise. It works with the 6th through 14th chakras so it is very protective and purifying from negative energies and disharmony. I wear a choker and ring on my receiving hand at all times. I also have a bracelet of covellite on my right (sending) hand. It is a stone that is sensitive to the changing energy patterns of the Earth...and it alters its vibration to stay in harmony. I don't know if you are familiar with String Theory or Quantum Physics but I'm very conscious of my emotions and the vibes I am putting out and receiving. I only want to create positive experience these days, so I wear Covellite on my sending hand to make sure I only send balanced energy out to the world.

Sugilite image via  Crystal Cure

Sugilite image via Crystal Cure

Covellite image via Cochise College

Covellite image via Cochise College

I love your tagline "to heal the earth heal your self". Tell us more about that!

Metaphysically we are all connected. Our vibration/energy affects every aspect of our experience. People have a tendency to see "saving/healing the world" as an external process that one has to go out and physically do, when in reality every thought and emotion (e-motion = energy in motion) is what we are sending out into the world. The vibration or frequency of those thoughts and e-motions then attracts a similar frequency/vibration. If we watch movies or TV, we are bombarded with fear mongering, anger, greed, resentment so THAT energy is what we internalize, which shows up on the planet as dolphins being killed en mass, the tar sands, terrorism, war, etc. If each one of us raises our energy/vibration and sees the people around us with love and appreciation, we then send out that energy to attract our life experience. Every person we encounter then gets the benefit of our positive energy and that energy exponentially goes out to affect others around the world. It all starts with us. Very simple...but not easy! 

Thank you so much for all your knowledge, Rosie! And for creating the amazing piece of jewelry I am wearing right now!

by Anjie Cho

Super 7, Sacred 7, Melody’s Stone

Super 7, Sacred 7, Melody’s Stone

Rosie Stars of Super 7 Healers is an ordained Metaphysical Minister with Metaphysical Universal Ministries. She studied Life Coaching at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development with Iyanla Vansant and is an certified instructor/practitioner of Quantum Touch (an energy healing process similar to Reiki.) Rosie has been working with stone energies for a couple of decades and is now in the process of developing a workshop to help people understand how our thoughts, emotions and thus our vibrations create our lives and experience (including serious illness), how to use stones to shift our vibrations and other simple techniques that make healing our selves less of a mystery.  

Contact her at:

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De-Stress Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to look at your primary romantic relationship. No matter how well it’s going, all relationships can use some support. Feng shui gives us some practical and magical tools to give your relationship some extra support. And if you’re not in a relationship, these tips still apply!

1. A headboard for support

A stable headboard that is securely attached to the bed represents solid support and stability in a relationship. The best type of headboard has no bars, holes or perforations. The bars may indicate feeling imprisoned or caged! Holes or perforations lack stability and may weaken a relationship. If you already have a headboard, just make sure to tighten it to the bed. The headboard should be securely and mechanically fastened to the bed (rather than attached to the wall, or almost falling off). If you don’t have a relationship, the headboard will help you to attract a relationship that has enough support to last!

2. Equal partners

Be sure to maintain equality in the relationship by having equal space on both sides of the bed. If possible, each person should have at least 18” of space between the wall and the side of the bed. You also want to have equally balanced nightstands with lamps. The nightstands need not be matching, but close in size. I had a client whose husband had a huge nightstand, and she had this tiny little thing. Such a situation may manifest itself in an unbalanced power relationship between the couple. If you’re single, this lets the universe know that you have space available to accommodate someone into your life.

3. Pair of rose quartz

Rose quartz is a natural semi-precious gemstone that assists in opening up our heart to receive and give love. Place two similarly sized pieces of this natural stone on your nightstand to symbolize and attract supportive openness between you and your partner. If you are looking for a romantic relationship, the rose quartz can support self-love and healing so that you can attract the best partner.

4. Clean under the bed

Whether you’re single or have a partner, the objects and storage underneath your bed can represent unconscious blocks in your love live. The energy of anything under your bed truly affects you in a great way, especially because we spend many passive “yin” hours sleeping in bed. If you must have some storage there, stick to sleep related items such as pillows, blankets and linens. Absolutely no photos of ex-lovers or anything sharp or dangerous.

5. In case you need more passion

Hey, we can all probably use a little more passion in our lives right? Maybe for Valentine’s Day it’s time to treat yourself to a racy little lingerie set… in RED! Red is the color passion and fire. Get yourself some sexy red underwear and see how it makes you feel. I promise it will make a difference. You can also get yourself some red sheets to heat things up in bed!

by Anjie Cho

Benefits of Rose Quartz

As all crystals do, the rose quartz carries its very own energy characteristics, making it effective in specific areas of life. This particular quartz is most appreciated for its purposes in aiding attraction, restoring inner peace and assisting in beautification. As can be expected from a soft pink crystal like rose quartz, the most common benefit of this substance is attracting romantic love and strengthening existing love, even among platonic relationships. Placing rose quartz in the relationship area of the feng shui bagua is the most effective way to release this energy, and it can also unleash the aphrodisiac capabilities of the quartz.

In addition to romantic love and external relationships, rose quartz is beneficial in the realm of repairing emotional damage or propensity against self-love. Rose quartz is said to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments and create an overall feeling of love, personal fulfillment and contentment.  Rose quartz can also promote bonding between mothers and newborn children, increase appreciation for beauty of all types, prevent nightmares and fear of the dark, protect against gossip and can even possibly be used as a cure for colic or feeding difficulties in infants.

If attracting a romantic partner is what you're looking for, activate the Relationship area of your bedroom. The bedroom represents you and also your future partner. One powerful adjustment is to place two pieces of rose quartz in the Relationship area of your bedroom.

Rose quartz heals the heart chakra, which encourages emotional healing. This pair of stones, available in the Holistic Spaces store, can also promote trust and harmony within existing relationships.

by Anjie Cho

Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Where rose quartz is known primarily for attracting love, black tourmaline is the champion crystal of providing spiritual stability and protecting against various types of negative energy. For many spiritual and metaphysical healers, black tourmaline is known to be the best protective crystal available. Black tourmaline’s prized ability comes from a tendency to decrease internal negative energy within those who wear or use it. Not only does the crystal aid in releasing self doubts, anxiety and other negative emotions, it is said to encourage good luck, optimism and happiness as well.

One of the best ways to use black tourmaline is during meditation. When meditating for the purpose of grounding oneself, black tourmaline is a perfect addition to the process because of its powerful use in providing spiritual stability. Black tourmaline can also be placed beneath a pillow for cleansing of the body’s energy field and the surrounding space. On a physical level, black tourmaline has even been said to effectively reduce the pain of arthritis and spinal/muscular problems as well as strengthen the immune system.

Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz together are like yin and yang, providing balance. Black tourmaline grounds, protects and purifies. It is especially useful for protection from electro-magnetic forces and negative energies. Clear Quartz is a powerful healer and can be programmed to enhance and improve imbalances.

Locate these four tumbled black tourmaline pieces, available in the Holistic Spaces store, in the four corners of your bed, any room or your entire home to create a grid of protection. Place the pointed clear quartz in the center of the grid.

by Anjie Cho

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