Benefits of Rose Quartz

As all crystals do, the rose quartz carries its very own energy characteristics, making it effective in specific areas of life. This particular quartz is most appreciated for its purposes in aiding attraction, restoring inner peace and assisting in beautification. As can be expected from a soft pink crystal like rose quartz, the most common benefit of this substance is attracting romantic love and strengthening existing love, even among platonic relationships. Placing rose quartz in the relationship area of the feng shui bagua is the most effective way to release this energy, and it can also unleash the aphrodisiac capabilities of the quartz.

In addition to romantic love and external relationships, rose quartz is beneficial in the realm of repairing emotional damage or propensity against self-love. Rose quartz is said to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments and create an overall feeling of love, personal fulfillment and contentment.  Rose quartz can also promote bonding between mothers and newborn children, increase appreciation for beauty of all types, prevent nightmares and fear of the dark, protect against gossip and can even possibly be used as a cure for colic or feeding difficulties in infants.

If attracting a romantic partner is what you're looking for, activate the Relationship area of your bedroom. The bedroom represents you and also your future partner. One powerful adjustment is to place two pieces of rose quartz in the Relationship area of your bedroom.

Rose quartz heals the heart chakra, which encourages emotional healing. This pair of stones, available in the Holistic Spaces store, can also promote trust and harmony within existing relationships.

by Anjie Cho