Q&A Sunday: Can I Use a Mirror as a Headboard

I wanted to know what you thought about using a mirror as a headboard. 

Carla P., Houston, TX


Hi Carla

Thanks for your question! 

I would probably advise that it would not be ideal to use a mirror for a headboard if you’re doing this to improve your feng shui. Of course, you can use whatever you like for a headboard, but feng shui-wise there are a few problems I can foresee. 

First of all, it’s important in feng shui philosophy to have a headboard, because it provides stability and connects both sides of the bed. I would have to assume that if you want a mirror as a headboard, it is not a mirrored headboard, rather a mirror you’re adapting into a headboard. So then you wouldn’t be able to attach it to the bed frame. 

Second, if you could attach it to the bed frame, it seems a bit dangerous to have a mirror fastened to the bed. Or to lean on a mirror while sitting up in bed. It could very easily be broken, and of course broken glass can be a nightmare to clean up. And it would be a literal nightmare waking up to glass shards in your bed.

There are always exceptions, for instance maybe there’s a lovely headboard that has mirror on it. However the sense I’m getting from your question is that you want to use a mirror in lieu of a headboard, in which case I would not recommend that. 

The ideal headboard in feng shui is solid, connected to the bed and supports both partners safely. You can read up on that here. Of course it is fine to have mirrors in the bedroom, at least in BTB feng shui, and you can certainly include one above your headboard, but unless you have a headboard with a mirror already purchased, there should be plenty of beautiful options that will be more supportive in that role. :)

by Anjie Cho

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