New Year, New Home: Q&A with Anjie Cho

image credit: CICO Books via    Ryland Peter & Small

image credit: CICO Books via Ryland Peter & Small

We know January can feel like a bit of a slog, but it's also a great time to stand back and take stock of where you are and what you want to achieve this year. If you feel like your home is in need of a re-design, big or small, now's the time to make sure your environment is supporting and nurturing you as much as possible. We spoke to Anjie Cho, architect, feng shui consultant and author of Holistic Spaces, about how to maximize the potential of your space and get 2019 off to the best possible start!

Hi Anjie! So what are holistic spaces?

Space is physical, emotional, energetic, and so holistic spaces is a way to look at all the space around you in an integrated way. When you can begin to see that your inner and outer spaces are connected, it gives you insight and joy. It's a mindful way to work with the environment around us, so that we can see the magic in our everyday life. Every moment and every space has a gift to offer. 

When did you first become interested in feng shui?

In my late twenties I was pretty miserable and looking for happiness outside of myself. On a trip to the Buddhist country of Thailand, I had an epiphany during a Reiki session where I realized that when I returned to New York City I would begin a journey to find contentment within myself. So, I started studying meditation, yoga, and naturally next came feng shui. I was an architect so I wanted to bring this mindfulness into my work as well.

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7 Things at Home That Are Killing Your Concentration

featured this month on apartment therapy by Caroline Biggs

image credit:    Diana Liang    via apartment therapy

image credit: Diana Liang via apartment therapy

Finding it hard to concentrate on things while you're at home? There might be some things in your space that could be working against you.

To figure out what items at home could be inadvertently killing our concentration and fussing with our focus, we called on Anjie Cho, architect and feng shui educator, for help. Read ahead to see what she had to say.

1. Poor lighting

According to Cho, lighting can make or break your ability to focus when you're at home. "Often it's a lack of lighting that affects your concentration," she explains. "When it's difficult to visually focus, it in turn affects your mental focus." She suggests setting a lighting scheme that closely resembles natural light, because it's "the most soothing to the eyes," and employing dimmers when necessary "so you have flexibility."

2. Sitting with your back to the door

"When you're sitting at your desk, or in a place where you're trying to focus and concentrate, it's beneficial to see the door to the room." Explains Cho, "When your back is to the door, your stress levels increase and part of your attention is in protection mode; who knows who can creep up behind you!"

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Q&A Sunday: Being Overlooked at Work

Being Overlooked at Work.jpg

I find I get overlooked at work. Can you suggest a feng shui cure for this?

Giuliana G., Lille, France

Hi Giuliana

Thank you for your wonderful questions and support. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling this way!

Nobody likes to feel overlooked, especially in the workplace. But you're in luck! There are many many ways to approach this concern from the feng shui perspective. The fame and Recognition area is the feng shui bagua map area for you! I think this area came up for you before in a previous Q&A

But before we work on the fame and Recognition area, it's helpful for you to look more closely at why you are feeling overlooked. We can give clarity to a problem by looking at it more carefully in light of the other feng shui bagua areas. Who is doing the overlooking? Why is it happening? Are there ways to work with it? Can you gain more skills and knowledge? Is there a relationship that can be improved? etc etc.

I challenge you to really look closely at that. If this were a consultation, I would of course like to know much more about the situation.

Now getting back to the Recognition and fame area, this would be the best area to address feng shui wise to receive more credit and acknowledgment. My intuition tells me it would be best for you to place a new green plant in the Recognition area of your desk at work, the same area of your desk at home and in the same area of your entire home. Use matching black pots with a red ribbon tied around the pot or plant. The plant adds Wood to feed the fire of Recognition. The color combination creates a powerful feng shui cure as Water (black pot) manifests the Wood (green plant) and culminates with Fire (red ribbon).

You can check out some of our posts on green plants and the Wood element for insight on what kind of plants to choose based on feng shui, indoor air quality and much more. Please keep us updated and feel free to share photos of your new green friends!

by Anjie Cho

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