Q&A Sunday: Black Tourmaline for Protection

Could you talk a little more about using black tourmaline for protection (tip 19 from your book)? Not sure where exactly to place them.

Izabela F., Roseville, CA

Hi Izabela,

Thanks so much for your question from the book. For the readers who don’t have the book, here is the excerpt from tip 19 from Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home.

In feng shui, black is related to wisdom and knowledge… Black can be contemplative, too… Because black absorbs, black tourmaline is excellent for protection from negative energy, including electromagnetic smog. Use four pieces to create a grid under your bed, in your bedroom, or for your entire home. Place one piece in each corner (of the bed, bedroom, or entire home). This generates an energetic grid of security and absorbs most types of harmful energy.

Black tourmaline is a natural crystal that’s pretty popular! It can absorb negative energies and provide protection. I love the idea of incorporating it into your home so it’s part of the design of your space. The black tourmaline can be small tumbled pieces, around 1/2”-2” diameter. The rough pieces, larger and smaller, also work. See what you’re drawn to and what is available for you.

Black Tourmaline for Protection - Grid.jpg

I’ve created a diagram that I hope will be helpful for you, Izabela. The red stars indicate where you can place the crystals if they would go under your bed. They can also go between your box spring and mattress, or fastened to the bottom of your bed frame. Sometimes that’s easier if you have pets, children or a cleaning person who may move them around. Similarly, the blue stars indicate where you would place them in the bedroom, and the yellow stars would indicate where they would be located if the grid is created for the entire home.

You may be wondering which option to choose: bed, bedroom, or entire home. Usually it’s best to start with your personal energy, so I would suggest you do this for your bed first. It’s also worth noting it’s probably overkill to do all three areas (bed, bedroom and home) unless you have a very unique situation.

Check out our black tourmaline and crystal set for protection on the Holistic Spaces store website. I have included in the set a pointed clear quartz crystal that can be placed in the center of the grid. Clear quartz provides clarity and it can be programmed for your intention. Check it out!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui Crystals and Natural Crystals

What is the difference between feng shui crystals and natural crystals, and can you use natural crystals as a substitute for feng shui crystals?

Juania O., New York, NY

Hi Juania, thanks for your question. It's a great one!

Both natural crystals and glass feng shui crystals are useful in the practice of healing and correcting the flow of energy in your home. They do have some differences, and it is important to ensure you use the correct crystals for each adjustment.

Feng shui crystals are generally made of glass, are faceted and are spherical. I prefer Swarovski brand leaded, crystal feng shui balls. Because they are leaded glass, these specific crystals refract more light. Feng shui crystals have many facets so they can disperse chi most effectively. They are used to adjust the flow of energy in a space and are particularly effective for bringing light, brilliance and clarity to your space. You can purchase feng shui crystals at the Holistic Spaces store here.

Natural crystals are found in all different shapes (regular, irregular) and sizes, different facets, and textures (rough, tumbled). While these crystals are very helpful in many aspects of life, they are vibrationally geared to address specific issues based on the color, composition and creation process of the crystal. Most natural crystals do not possess the same characteristics as the feng shui crystals we prescribe for hanging. 

For this reason, in feng shui applications that call out for a crystal ball, you should actually use a feng shui crystal and not a natural crystal. One such situation would be adding a feng shui crystal to a dark and small entry to expand the space. A hanging feng shui crystal, when placed in a dark or small entry, can attract positive energy and then disperse it into your home. Based on the desired outcome of the use of this crystal, it is necessary to ensure that you use a feng shui crystal ball, as these crystals are most effective at dispersing energy.

In general, for feng shui purposes it is very important to hang the crystal balls using a red cord.  Red is a very auspicious color and represents protection. It’s even better if the cord can be a length that equals a multiple of 9 – like 9”, 18,” 27” etc.

These feng shui crystals are easy to find online, and they come in various sizes. In fact, you can find one on my online store! For feng shui purposes, most interior spaces should use crystals of 40mm or larger.

Keep in mind that both feng shui, faceted crystals and natural crystals are useful in making adjustments and shifting energy in the practice of feng shui. Just be sure to use the appropriate crystals for each adjustment. If you aren't sure which situation calls for which crystal, take a peek at some of the articles on this topic below. 

Crystals For Your Holistic Space
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Natural Crystals and Stones for Healing
Question of the Month: How to Use Feng Shui Crystals

by Anjie Cho

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Astrology & Feng Shui 008: October 2017 Self-Care and Knowledge


Welcome back for the eighth episode of our mini-series, Astrology & Feng Shui!



Tune in the first of every month as we visit with guest astrologers to connect eastern and western astrology to feng shui!


Q&A Sunday: Colors and Meanings of Crystals

I was wondering if you could talk a little about crystals, what colors they are and where to place them for the effects wanted in your life.

Andrea S., MA

Hi Andrea, 

What a great question! I love to use crystals in feng shui adjustments as I find many people are attracted to them. Here are some suggestions for how to apply crystals for feng shui adjustments. In the Holistic Spaces store, we have crystal sets for the seven chakras and the nine areas of the bagua map as well as rose quartz for love, citrine for abundance and black tourmaline for grounding. There are many types of crystals, and I can recommend some reference books if you are interested in other types.

As for the stones we sell at the Holistic Spaces Store, I've provided some information about each below!

Green Quartz

We offer green quartz to represent the New Beginnings area of the feng shui bagua, thanks to its color. This crystal may inspire new beginnings and help sprout projects of all kinds. To get the best results from green quartz, place it on your desk for help with projects or in your home to work on inspiring new beginnings with your family


Amethyst is a purple or lavender stone we associate with the Abundance area of the feng shui bagua map. The colors of amethyst echo the royal colors associated with Abundance area which attract abundance of all kinds. For best results, place amethyst in the Abundance area of your desk or bedroom.

Tiger's Eye

A natural Tiger's Eye crystal is offered to resonate with the energies of the earth and the Health area of the feng shui map. It is typically a collection of earthy hues. These earthy colors, coupled with the ability of this stone to provide grounding, make this crystal a great addition to any holistic space. Tiger's Eye is also said to anchor change in the body, balance yin and yang energies and heal issues of self-worth and self-criticism. To activate this crystal, place it in the center of your home or bedroom. 

Smoky Quartz

The darker shades of smoky quartz relate to the Benefactors area of the feng shui bagua. Smoky quartz is beneficial in your home, as it provides protection (like benefactors) and is a stone of cooperation. This means it may stimulate energies to work together toward the same goal, and it can attract helpful people to your life. Smoky quartz may also assist in tolerating difficult times. This stone may also be effective in the Benefactors area of your home or desk, depending on where you need help. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a perfect addition to the Completion area, as it is said to provide clarity and the precision of the Metal element. Clear quartz may aid in concentration and unlocks memory and can be used to transform thoughts in sounds, thus bringing ideas to completion in the world.  If you're using a clear quartz, place it anywhere in your home or bedroom for optimal results. 

Blue Sodalite

We love Blue sodalite to work with the Knowledge gua, which may unite logic with intuition and brings information from the higher mind down to the physical level. This crystal may also be used to deepen meditation, eliminate mental confusion and encourage rational thought. Blue sodalite is best used as a pendant near the throat or placed in the Knowledge area of your desk. 


Carnelian, a crystal of a red color, is helpful in bringing fame and recognition, much like other adjustments in the Recognition gua. Carnelian gives courage, promotes positive life choices, motivates for success and is used in dramatic pursuits (like taking that huge leap of faith). To get the best outcome, place Carnelian in the Recognition gua of your home or desk. 

Black Tourmaline

Black is the color of wisdom and relates to the Path in Life area of the bagua. Black Tourmaline works to absorb negative energy and transmute it into wisdom, making it a wonderful addition to a holistic space. In addition, Black Tourmaline is very effective in spiritually grounding and providing protection from EMFs. For this reason, placement between yourself and EMF sources is also very helpful. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most useful crystals in feng shui, as it is known as the stone of unconditional love and peace. Rose Quartz teaches the true essence of love, purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love. This crystal is also known for its power in helping to attract love, and you can place a pair on your nightstand or in the Relationship gua for this effect. If you're looking for self-love, opt for one stone!


Citrine is known as one of the stones of abundance, and rightfully so. It teaches how to manifest and attracts wealth, prosperity, success and all good things. Citrine also encourages sharing what you have and simultaneously helps you hold onto your wealth, a concept that we are very familiar with in feng shui! Citrine is helpful in your holistic space or even in your wallet!

As I mentioned, these are just the few of the many crystals available for healing work. I would recommend The Crystal Bible and Love Is In the Earth if you are interested in learning about more crystals and how they work. As a note, when you purchase sets for feng shui, like the Feng Shui Bagua Natural Crystal Set, it's best to only use the three you need the most. Use the crystals as you need them, but don't just place them in all nine baguas, since you'll likely forget about them there. Choose the three most important areas for work, and consciously place the stones there. 

by Anjie Cho

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How and When to Clear Your Crystals

It's no secret that we're fans of crystals and their incredible healing power. In fact, many basic feng shui adjustments include adding specific crystals in certain areas of the bagua to welcome love, abundance and more. Looking for love? Try rose quartz! Or add citrine to your desk to welcome wealth and abundance. You can even add quartz and black tourmaline to your space to ward off negative energy and ground you! There are so many great uses for various crystals, but one important aspect of using these tools is to ensure that they are properly cleared on a regular basis. 

Crystals operate based on their vibrations, which are obtained during their creation deep in the earth. Because they generally have higher frequencies, they work to overwhelm lower vibrations of negative feelings and experiences and can thus provide positive changes in our lives. However, this only works if your crystals are on their highest frequency, and picking up these external vibrations can lower that! Enter crystal clearing. 

When To Clear Your Crystals

The first time you'll need to clear your healing stones is when you get them. It may seem that a new stone is already clear and ready to work, but all things carry predecessor energy - even "new" healing stones. So as soon as you bring a new crystal into your space, take the time to clear it and imbue it with your intentions and qi.

Following that, there are a few ways to know when it's time to do a clearing. It goes without saying that your healing stones should be cleared before and after any intense work with them to ensure that they operate at and are returned to their highest frequency. For stones used regularly, for instance, as jewelry, clearing once per week is generally enough to keep them effective. If you've placed crystals in your holistic space, perhaps as feng shui adjustments, be sure to clear them at least once per year. Keep in mind that each stone is different, so some crystals, like black tourmaline, may need to be cleared much more often and others, including citrine and Super Seven stones, rarely require refreshing. As with many aspects of feng shui, it's a good idea to listen to your intuition when deciding whether it's time to clear your crystals. 

How to Clear Your Crystals

Once you've decided it's time for a clearing, there are a many choices as to how to go about the process. In fact, again, listen to your intuition and choose the method(s) that resonate with you. We'll list a few of our favorites here, but if you know of or prefer other ways of crystal clearing, please feel free to share!

  • Sunlight / Moonlight - One of the easiest ways, and our favorite, to clear crystals, is to expose them to sunlight or moonlight. Simply place your stones outside or in a window for anywhere from a day / night to a week, and you're good to go! Do note that some crystals may fade in sunlight - if that's the case with yours, opt for moonlight!
  • Burial - Crystals came from the earth, so another great way to return them to their vibrations is to put them back! You can bury your crystals for a few days to a week for a full cleanse. Just be sure to remember where they're buried!
  • Sea Salt - Sea salt can be an incredible tool for crystal clearing, but it's important to take care. Placing crystals in sea salt for 24 hours can clear them of existing energy, and you can even store crystals here. For some crystals, a salt water bath is effective as well. The catch here is that salt water can damage porous crystals, so if you're using salt with these, be sure to use salt only (not water) and keep in a place with low humidity.
  • Smudging - Another of our favorites, smudging is an easy way to clear healing crystals. Just get your sage or palo santo smoke going and pass your crystals through the smoke. Another option is misting them with our space clearing blend from the Holistic Spaces apothecary!

There are numerous other ways to clear crystals including with fresh water, through use of other clearing stones and more. What's your favorite way to clear your crystals, and how often do you find you feel the need to?

by Anjie Cho