Listen: Feng Shui at Home in the Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year! To welcome the Year of the Monkey, I joined up with one of our favorites, Ian Power from The Home Discovery Show, to talk feng shui for the new lunar year and the Year of the Fire Monkey. Listen in for what to expect from the fire energy of this year and feng shui tips for starting off the Chinese New Year right! 

HAPPY ROOM MIST Featured in Bella Magazine!

featured in November's issue of Bella Magazine, by Hayleigh Worgan

Holistic Spaces is pleased to have been featured in the November 2015 issue of Bella Magazine. Our Happy Mist is featured as part of Hayleigh Worgan's curated list "a step from the traditional."

"Fill your home with calming essential oils and sprays that inspire joy. we use No. 1 Happy Orange & Clear Quartz Mist (from year round. Inhaling the blend of orange essential oils and clear quartz crystals is just the right way to lift our spirits when we get home." full article

by Anjie Cho

Holistic Spaces 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our first ever Holistic Spaces Holiday Gift Guide! 

I really love gift-giving all year round, so the holidays are a fun time for me! It's not about how much you spend, but the thought that counts. I've included items at all different price points and even some DIY ideas. And of course each of the gift ideas can assist your loved ones in creating a holistic space and lifestyle, so that they can be happier and feel supported in their lives.

Book: 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces

for the feng shui fancier

Yes, of course I just had to include some of my own products. In case you didn't know, I wrote a book and I have signed copies of my book available on the Holistic Spaces store.

This book is a great introduction to feng shui and holistic design principles.

Feng Shui can change your life -- but learning how to use it can feel overwhelming. Architect and feng shui practitioner, Anjie Cho clears the clutter and shows you how to apply feng shui and green design principles to support and enhance your life. From the bedroom to the home office, and from furniture placement to the use of color, these simple, straightforward tips will transform your home and workplace to improve the flow of energy through your life.

Receive Free Shipping on your purchases over $45 through December 31, 2015 with the code GIFTGUIDE

Available at: Holistic Spaces

The moon glass set

for the moon worshipper

The Moon Glass set was designed by Seoul's Tale Ltd (my peeps! the Koreans!). The moon is yin and is related to the feminine principle, intuition and introspection. We look to the moon often in feng shui to gain insight on what's happening on the inside.

This design is such a delightful and graceful reminder of all the phases of the moon. "Fill it up with a nice rice wine (or any other beverage of your choice) and watch as each sip you take brings the moon from full to three-quarters, half, and crescent. The trick is achieved by a slope inside of the cup and the sleek black glaze creates a fantastic contrast with opaque or cloudy beverages."

Available at: the Colossal Shop

Sashiko cloths handmade by grandma

for the textile lover

Sashiko, "little stabs," is traditional Japanese embroidery and my newest obsession. While browsing Etsy for some sashiko supplies, I stumbled upon these beautiful little gems: Handmade sashiko cloths hand made by a Japanese grandmother! 

Nina explains: "This is made by my grandma who is 97 years old now :) She is quite active and loves to embroider. Some stitches might be jumped but she is sticking with love. We would be happy if you feel love from Japan :)"

How cute, right?!?! I snatched one up right away!

Available at: Litre Japan on Etsy

Reclaimed Birch Coasters

for the green enthusiast

The brainchild of "redesigner," Kelly Anderson, everything on the Refreshed Designs website is not only organic, it's created from repurposed wood that would otherwise go to waste. These cozy coasters are sliced from storm-fallen birch trees in Anderson's home area, New Brunswick.

Anderson shares the same love for green design as Holistic Spaces, and the Erthe Line is full of simple, warming items for desks, walls and tables in your space. 

"Our philosophy is to return to nature to make our homes sustainable, functional and naturally appealing, thereby consuming less and connecting with our surroundings." 

Available at: Refreshed Designs

Brass Frame Round Tabletop Mirror

for the elegant entrepreneur

Most of my readers know about the importance of locating your desk in the commanding position. If that's not possible, a lovely tabletop mirror such as this one is perfect to place you back in command. 

I love the warm earthy color of the brass with the coolness of the clear mirror. The Michele Varian shop is one of my favorite stores in Soho.

Available at: Michele Varian Shop

Mandala gift certificate

for the yogi or yogini

Mandalas are sacred geometric art forms from the Vedic and Buddhist traditions. They are tools for centering and focus during meditation. As sacred art and as meditation objects, our mandalas graphically and energetically embody the intention you wish to manifest in your life and spaces. Each Holistic Spaces mandala is an original Vedic square design pattern, using traditional yantra symbology, and created while reciting mantra.

The recipient can use the Mandala Matchmaker to select the perfect mandala for them based on their numerology, intention or intuition.

With these gift cards your loved ones can choose for the mandala that they love. 

Receive 10% off a Mandala Gift Card through December 31, 2015 with the code GIFTMANDALA

Available at: Holistic Spaces

le soleil & La lune candles

for the romantic

I interviewed Barbara Jacques from Jacq's Organics earlier this year (read it here!), and I just love some of the products from her all-natural, organic beauty and home line. 

These candles, La Lune and Le Soleil are made with fewer than 5 ingredients each, 100% soy wax and come in recyclable glass jars. The candles represent balance in the form of the sun and the moon ("Le Soleil" and "La Luna" in French, respectively) and go hand in hand with the feng shui principles of yin and yang energy.

Le Soleil includes notes of citrus, making it the perfect scent to provide an energetic boost or to start off your day, and La Luna was created to help you wind down, relax and welcome the yin energy of the moon.

Available at: Jacq's Organics

DIY Soft Cotton Knit TOWELS

for the gracious hostess

Last year I knit dozens of these vintage looking dishtowels from a pattern available from Purl Soho. Whether you're on a budget or love to craft, these lovely handmade items are wonderful gifts. 

The stitching is easy enough for beginners, and giving never feels better than when it's made with love, so give it a try! 

Patterns Available at: Purl Soho


for the crafty creative

Purl Soho also has dozens of beautiful pre-assembled craft kits that come with everything you need to craft your own projects such as friendship bracelets (remember those?!) or a Cashmere Ombré Wrap Kit

I organize "crafternoons" with my girlfriends every few months. One of my friends thanked me for helping her be creative. A kit to do-it-yourself is not only fun, but empowering :)

Kits Available at: Purl Soho

2016 chinese New year Kit

for the star gazer

Just one more thing from my store! The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and Holistic Spaces now has customized kits to embrace the new year in style. 

The upcoming year is the Year of the Monkey, so each kit includes a snake charm for good luck and prosperity. The snake is the best friend of the monkey, so keeping one nearby is good feng shui! Each kit also includes a Nine Star Ki aromastick for support based on your personal astrology and Holistic Spaces very own Happy Room Mist, perfect for space clearing for the new year! 

Available at: Holistic Spaces

journey through the seven seas, Handmade cards

for the enchanting explorer

My good friend Amy T. Won, of Treespace Studio paints wonder filled scenes. One of my favorites is the "Journey Through the Seven Seas" series. This series conjures up thoughts of a magical wonderland under and above the ocean. Images of water inspire peace, calm and fascination for me.

Lucky for us, Amy has made her artwork available as beautiful cards that we can share or gift to others.

Available at: Treespace Studio

Featured in Yoga Journal's Holiday Gift Guide!

image credit: Ben Fullerton via  Yoga Journal

image credit: Ben Fullerton via Yoga Journal

We are so excited to announce that our Durga Mandala is featured in Yoga Journal's Holiday Gift Guide this year - GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK!

Holistic Spaces Fine-Art Mandala Prints

From $81,

Yoga Journal is also giving away 5 Durga Mandalas, be sure to enter to win!

And check in on Sunday to see the very first Holistic Spaces Holiday Gift Guide!

by Anjie Cho

4 Questions for Anjie Cho from Musings Off the Mat

featured this month on Musings Off the Mat, by Ferina Natasya

Okay, here’s something you need to know. If you want to find me I’m usually doing my research and reading at the library near my home. I just love that physical feel of holding a book, smelling the pages etc. Or I hang around Kinokuniya (Borders at Wheelock Place, oh how i miss you so!).

So at one time i actually chanced upon this book 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes. Ok… not really familiar with Feng Shui (the only connection i have to Feng Shui is my amethyst bracelet – a gift from Mommy dearest who bought it from a Feng Shui expert). But green design, organic homes and healing just awakens all my mind antenna and these are topics that my curiosity thrives upon.

The author of the book, Anjie Cho is the Founder of Holistic Spaces – integrating beauty, spirituality and green design. I like that in Anjie’s work, she creates balance in designing spaces with understanding of sustainability, practice of Feng Shui and creating spaces that is supportive and thriving for that individual.

For me, i thought IKEA was my one stop and only place for all things i need in my room – and don’t get me wrong, i still do that but i just leveled up (haha!) the home decor game because not only i feel investing in a good furniture but having a piece that creates an inviting and a place that inspires me will always uplift my mood but more importantly i see myself thrive very differently. That simple tweak/s around our house so as to boost our moods etc could just be the key to having a great day, week or life! 

Anjie, Thank you so much for this interview! I love that you mix green design, spirituality and beauty, what was the reason for this?

I have a holistic approach to everything in life. I’ve found that, when things begin to interconnect, I’ve truly found something meaningful, and when your design is inspired by spirituality and meaning, we find true beauty. It’s easy to make something look pretty—more challenging to create something that resonates and supports you.

Ooo, that’s a great thought! What do you think all three (green design, spirituality, beauty) have in common?

They all seek to create harmony. Green design looks to connect our individual lives to the environment as a whole. Spirituality shows us there’s more than what we can visually see. Beauty makes us smile and cry, and inspires connection.

Harmony. I agree. Ok, (apologies if i sound like an ignorant twart!) is it just woo­woo or does Feng Shui really have an affect to our lives? 

Feng Shui is definitely “woo­woo” but also affects our lives! Much like many things in my life, I followed what the universe presented, and it led me to Feng Shui. Before that, I was like most people, “What is this woo­woo stuff?!?” But I’ve incorporated Feng Shui philosophy into my life and never looked back. I have created a unique career for myself, study all the things that I love, and help others along the way. I am where I am now, because of Feng Shui. 

How can I (on a low budget, financially­-struggling-­not­-complaining-­though blogger doesn’t earn much :p) change or improve the environment of my space? 

For more Focus: I have a focus spray on my website that’s my favorite to use at my office when I need extra support.

This formula no.2 FOCUS is a blend of rosemary, cedarwood, frankincense and other essential oils with carnelian crystals for clarity, precision and direction.

  • Rosemary supports mental precision
  • Cedarwood is grounding
  • Frankincense provides meditative focus
  • 18 pieces of carnelian in each bottle for grounding and stabilization

In this day and age, we could probably all use a little more focus, and especially as a blogger, the Focus spray can help you create more centered, meaningful and effective posts. 

You can also use a 3” round mirror fastened to the ceiling right above your head when you sit to channel and focus your qi. The mirrored side faces down. 

For more Abundance: I carry a piece of tumbled citrine in my wallet.

The Abundance area of the Feng Shui bagua map is related to wealth, prosperity, and self ­worth. Citrine is particularly effective at generating and attracting the same things! This natural crystal supports abundance especially well when placed in the corresponding area of the feng shui bagua map in the bedroom, desk, home or office.

Citrine is invigorating and promotes joy too. You can also carry the stone with you, in your wallet, to attract more wealth.

Set of 3: Make it triple effective by placing one stone in each of the abundance areas of your bedroom, your desk and inside your wallet/pocket. 

For more Love: If you’re lonely and looking for companionship, activate the Relationship area of your bedroom. The bedroom represents you and also your future partner. One powerful adjustment (and one of the easiest) is to place two pieces of rose quartz in the Relationship area, the back right corner, of your bedroom.

Rose quartz heals the heart chakra, which encourages emotional healing, so even if you’re already in a relationship, they can promote trust and harmony. You might also consider placing the rose quartz in the opposite area, the self­ Knowledge and cultivation area (that’s the back left). When placed here, rose quartz can help learn to love and appreciate yourself, and we’ve all heard that’s the first step to attracting real love! 

Thank you so much Anjie for the first part of the interview. Look out for Part 2 of the interview with Anjie Cho. In the meantime, I’m sure you can learn a lot more from her at and or her very own podcast channel. While at it, don’t forget to check out MOTM Wellness Podcast too! 

I resonated so much to her book, her site and the things she does. It’s like I’m a stalker or girl­fan from Asia that can’t get enough of the kind of work she does. Like these beautiful mandalas (10% of the proceeds from each Holistic Spaces Mandala will be donated to support Tibetan refugee children at Bon Shen Ling’s Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India), aromatherapy mists for your space and items for space clearing like mirrors or sage. That reminds me i need to sage my room this month, it’s my birthday month!

I guess it is only apt that I share this interview with you after my podcast on Spaces (While at it, subscribe please!). I mean regardless of what you believe in, i guess it is a common understanding (i may be wrong) to always do space clearing when you first step into your new home. I remember when we moved to our new home, I see my dad recite prayers in all corners of the home so as to ward of evil etc. Eventually we all want to guard our space and create space that allows us to feel at home, feel intune with ourselves and enjoy experiencing that area day in and day out. 

Image credit and courtesy of: Anjie Cho, Holistic Spaces