Experts Give Decorating Tips for the Minimalist

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image credit: Homeclick

Much of current modern design has gone the direction of a minimalist style. To understand exactly what that means and how to achieve a sense of artistry within this style, we’ve sought the advice of several design experts who have the experience to guide us.

Architect Anjie Cho gives these tips related to building storage into a minimalist design: “It is best to have closed storage - minimize open shelving. Keeping things behind doors keeps the space clean, minimal and looking uncluttered. White storage against white walls, has the most minimal look. It's clean and sleek and blends into the wall.” full article

The Essentials That Belong In Every Minimalist Home

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We’re putting out a “5 Days to Minimalism” series to help you clear clutter from your life really, really quickly. Day 5 is all about adopting a minimalist mindset throughout your home.

Sit back and envision a room that's flooded with natural light and simply curated with a few statement furniture pieces and accessories sprinkled here and there. Can you feel your heart rate slow down a few notches?


How to clear it out

Here, architect and feng shui expert Anjie Cho shares her top tips for crafting a clean kitchen:

1. Clear off all surfaces. The more things that are on the counter and visible, the more cluttered your kitchen will look and feel. If possible, put things away behind cabinet doors. If you have glass doors, you can paint the backside of the glass or add a frosted film, so you don't see the additional busyness inside the cabinets. I like to give myself a limit of one to three things that I love and use on a daily basis on the counter and one item on the stove. full article