Q&A Sunday: Daybeds and Feng Shui, Part 2

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I am not interested in bedroom position for attracting love, I have someone and we both have our own rooms and are happier like that. He likes to fall asleep watching TV, I can not stand a TV in my bedroom; he likes to eat in bed, I hate eating in bed; I like to stay up late, he likes to go to bed early, falling asleep watching TV. So not looking to "attract" a partner. We are both happy in our own space and our rooms are right across from each other. My question is: I have a day bed that looks like a couch; it has a bottom trundle that pulls out, and I use it for my dog to sleep next to me without being on me. I do the red sheets under a sheet on it since it is a daybed. How should it be positioned in my room? My kua number is 2, the room is south direction and would be called south east if standing in the center of the house. Should the side which looks like the back of a couch face the wall or should the end face the wall where my head sleeps at night? Thank you.

Feng Shui Learner

Dear Feng Shui Learner:

Hi there, thanks for reading our blog! This is a great question and comment on the Q&A Sunday: Daybeds and Feng Shui post from a few years ago. 

It’s good that you have created a comfortable life situation with your husband and your own spaces! Many couples are very happy with separate bedrooms, and it’s very common. 

In this case, your bed does not need any sort of red sheet. One reason for the red sheet, or red, is to energetically repair any separation with a partner. But you and your husband have chosen to have separate beds, and you’re not worried about any separation in your marriage. Second, the red would be used to energetically create a single bed in the case that you sleep with both mattresses. But you prefer to sleep alone on a single mattress, so the red sheet is not useful and doesn’t serve a purpose here. 

I practice BTB feng shui, which does not use kua numbers nor directions to locate beds. However, from the BTB perspective, you can locate the bed in the commanding position so that when you are lying in bed, you can see the door without being right in line with the door. If you sleep in the bed alone on the single twin only, then where you sleep with your head, that would be the headboard. It’s still not the best energetically for an adult to sleep with one side against a wall. This doesn’t allow the qi to flow around you well while you’re sleeping. But if you insist on the daybed, you can place a mirror on the wall where the daybed meets the wall to open up the space.

I’m happy to see you’ve already incorporated some feng shui in your life, and you seem to be a regular reader, so thank you! If you are interested in learning even more about how to apply feng shui, I encourage you to visit the Mindful Design School website and sign up to be notified for the next program!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Pets

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How do pets, especially their living quarters (crates/pens, etc), factor into the feng shui equation?

Carlissa K., New York City, NY

This is a great question!  I know a lot of people who are curious about how to feng shui their home for their pets. Since I am allergic to most dogs and cats, I’m not sure I’m the best person to respond to this. But a fellow New York City feng shui consultant that I know, Sabine Millauriaux was kind enough to share her knowledge with us. Sabine specializes in feng shui for pets.

Sabine suggests:

Pets should definitely be taken into consideration in the feng shui equation. Concerning their living quarters, you should follow some basics:

  • Crates and beds should not be in a commanding position or in the mouth of qi, which means not facing the door, but in a quiet place where they can relax, except in the case of a guarding dog (this also applies for outdoor pens).
  • Litter box and pads should not be placed in the left area of any entrance door since this area is one of the purest of the feng shui bagua map (Self Knowledge/GEN) and corresponds to the knowledge, self development part of the room. If possible, they should be placed out of view and never in your way (such as pads in front of the door or in the middle of the room).
  • Play areas with items such as scratchers, playing posts, or wheels may be placed in a feng shui bagua map area that you want to activate since they bring life and yang energy. Having an animal in your house usually brings energy to it (good qi), and your pet can be a very good “tool” to pinpoint what areas in your place and in your life should be taking care of.

Remember you are sharing the same energy field as your pet and, being an animal, it can pick up bad energies (such as residual energy from predecessors) or resonate with any unresolved emotions in the members of the household. So watch your pet, consider its crazy or loving behavior and think about what it tells you about you or your family. It will guide you in how to feng shui your place and have a more harmonious life.

by Anjie Cho

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Note:  To locate the areas of your home in which you want to activate, please refer to the Feng Shui Bagua Map here.  New blog post to come soon discussing the Feng Shui Bagua Map!

Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a New Pet

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What are some considerations to make for a new pet (dog!)?

Jenny Beth M., New York, NY

Hi Jenny Beth, 

Thank you for your question, and congratulations on your new dog! I actually have two dogs, so I do have input on feng shui considerations for a new dog in your space. We have a blog post with insight on this question as well. 

Speaking from my experience and knowledge as a feng shui practitioner and pet owner, I believe one huge consideration is to allow the dog to find its own space in your home. Whether that means a favorite corner with his comfy dog bed or maybe a crate - whatever it is, it's important to give your dog a space of his own. It's also a good idea to locate that space in the commanding position so your dog feels safe. The commanding position governs the location we want to situate ourselves in, and dogs are the same as us. They want to see what's coming toward them and not have their backs to the door. In fact, dogs are even more in tune with that since they're animals! I find that my pups often want to sleep at the foot of the bed or at the door mat to protect us, which is common for dogs. 

You'll also want to take a look at the green plants in your space and make sure they're out of reach to prevent your dog eating them. There are a lot of houseplants that are toxic to dogs. Some of the most common are azaleas, tulips and oleander. One of the first things I did when I got my first dog was to look up all the toxins in a home, and one (for animals) is green plants. 

Another is cleaning chemicals. Dogs live very close to the ground and are very sensitive, so toxic cleaners will affect them more strongly than they might us. Switch to non-toxic cleaners out of consideration for your pet. In fact, switching to non-toxic cleaners can improve the indoor air quality of your space for you as well! Check out some of our posts on non-toxic cleaning options and choose one that fits your lifestyle! 

Congratulations again on your new pet! I hope you really enjoy your new companion. :) 

by Anjie Cho

Thanks for reading our "Q&A Sunday".  We will be answering questions submitted by our readers. Click here to submit any Feng Shui or Green Design questions!