How to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Home

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image credit: Oscar Wong/Getty Images via  The Spruce

image credit: Oscar Wong/Getty Images via The Spruce

Creating Good Feng Shui

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start when it comes to cultivating good feng shui in your home. What rooms should you begin with? How do you start fresh or what do you do if a room is already decorated? Thankfully, it doesn't need to be challenging. We've compiled a few ideas that will kickstart your journey to a happier and healthier home. So whether you’re new to feng shui or an expert, here are nine essential steps to create good feng shui in your home.

Brighten Up Your Entry

In feng shui, your entry represents how energy enters your home and your life. We say the front door is the “mouth of qi.” Naturally, the entry is first place to start when you want to create good feng shui in your home.

Start with decluttering and removing any debris. A lot of objects tend to accumulate at the front door. I'm not saying it needs to be completely empty, but rather uncluttered. Make it work for you.

Next, sweep and clean up the area. The front entry (interior and exterior) is often overlooked. Wipe down the door and shake out the door mat. Take a good look around.

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by Anjie Cho

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6 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Book Nook

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Shrugging off the busyness and stress of the day is easier when you’ve got a dedicated sanctuary space. Even if you’re not a bibliophile, creating a reading nook can be one way to escape and unwind without leaving your home. Don’t think you have the square footage for a dedicated spot? Think again. With these 6 tips, you’ll be curled up with a good book in no time. 

Find your nook

Think outside the box. A good reading space may be nestled into a sunny corner of your bedroom, tucked into an alcove of your living room or even hidden away in a closet. Select a space that is large enough to fit, at minimum, something to sit on, and is accessible to a light source. The perfect nook will be in a quiet place away from distraction. If possible, and if you'd like to, aim for a nook placed in the Knowledge area of the feng shui bagua map. If you can't, don't worry. It's not required!

Pull up a seat

What’s your ideal chair? Does it engulf you in fluffy comfort? Do you want something you can curl up in or a seat that lets you dangle your legs over the arm? Is a bean bag a good fit or is a hanging chair more your style? This is your space to unwind. Pick the seating that best fits your style and space. 

Add a small table

No need to go big if you’re tight on space. A small end table would suffice. You need a place to hold your cup of tea (or glass of wine!), your book, and reading glasses. If space allows, go ahead and personalize some more by adding your favorite plant or candles.

Set the borders

Your nook should be a clearly marked sanctuary space. A decorative screen delineates the line between your reading nook and the rest of the room, while giving you the flexibility of opening your nook up to the whole room if you need the space. If that’s not your style, experiment with drapes or a sheer canopy hung from the ceiling. Check out my tips on separating small spaces using a curtain.

Light it well

Of course, a good reading nook requires proper lighting. Tap natural light resources when you can. Streaming sunlight brings warmth and comfort to any space. For evening reading or spaces with limited sunlight, add a small side lamp to your table. 

Make it you

This is, after all, your sanctuary. You don’t have to paint the walls of your dedicated space to make it special (although you can!). Add wall art, paper lanterns, book shelves, and other small touches to personalize your nook and make it inviting.

by Anjie Cho

If you’d like to learn more about feng shui check out the Mindful Design Feng Shui certification program. Laura Morris and I launched our program in September 2018. To get on the list about it, sign up at:

Mindful Design is a new way to learn feng shui. Our unique training program takes an holistic approach to learning the art of feng shui design. Mindful design is about becoming aware, and attentive, to the energy around you: both inner and outer qi. It is about promoting a better way of living and creating sacred spaces that support, and nourish.

Feng Shui on a Budget

Many times, I hear people say that they can't afford to make the feng shui adjustments they'd like, or they worry about having to buy new items in order to improve the energy in their homes. While there are a number of products available to improve the qi in your spaces, I'm a firm believer that feng shui should be available to everyone. Take a peek at the tips below for introducing feng shui into your home and office, even if you're on a budget. Keep in mind, although these adjustments are effective, especially with the right intentions, they don't take the place of a certified practitioner

Student Consultations

Many feng shui schools or organizations offer student consultations while students are still learning. Think of places you can get a cheaper haircut by an instructor-assisted student, or discounts on other beauty regiments, like manicures or massages, as students perfect their craft. Feng shui academies often do the same thing! Spend some time online checking out schools near you, and if you're in the New York area, try the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, where I learned feng shui! 

Holistic Spaces

We work hard on the Holistic Spaces blog to bring you as many helpful, affordable feng shui tips as possible. From our Q&A Sunday questions to the podcast to weekly blog posts on common feng shui adjustments, the Holistic Spaces blog is a good spot to find information on feng shui without the cost of a full consultation. Just use the search bar on the right-hand side under Previous Blog Posts!

One Good Deed a Day

One of the first adjustments my feng shui mentor taught me was One Good Deed a Day. It seems easy enough - just do one good deed every day for 27 days. The best part about this adjustment is that, once you really start to think about it, it becomes so much more than just a good deed for another. This adjustment can really open doors for positive energy to come to you, and it's completely free!

Plant Life

A favorite adjustment for feng shui believers and non-believers alike is the addition of plants to your spaces. In feng shui, plants bring life energy to your home or office through the wood element, which symbolizes new beginnings, kind heartedness and fresh energy. As an added perk, they also work hard to improve the air quality in your indoor spaces. Adding a plant to your home or office can be as easy as transporting some of your backyard greenery indoors or even borrowing cuttings from friend. Check out how to do that here

Qi Cleansing of Re-used Objects

While it is almost always better to invest in new items or plants for adjustment purposes, it's understandable that isn't always an option. Maybe you managed to find some beautiful crystals at a thrift shop, or a friend moved away and left an object in your care. These are both acceptable additions to your space, but always remember to clear the energy of any item that comes into your home. Whether you open the windows and peel some oranges or burn a little palo santo, refreshing the energy in your space, including the items there, is a very important aspect of feng shui. Usually it's best to clear the "predecessor qi" of any reused objects so you can start fresh.  

Book Tips

One of my favorite resources for feng shui on any budget is my book, 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces. I finished my first book this year, and it's packed with tips on creating your own holistic space through feng shui adjustments and guidance, like how using different burners can open up your opportunities. If you haven't picked up a copy, check the Holistic Spaces store for a signed one! 

No matter what adjustments you decide are best for you and your space, the most important part of feng shui is remembering that it is YOUR space. Everyone deserves to have a sacred space filled with positive energy and beautiful objects that nourishes who they are. Your holistic space may be different from a friend or family members, and you make choose different adjustments that speak to you, but ultimately, all that matters is that you make your space your own. 

Have you made any of the adjustments or changes we mention on the site? We absolutely love to hear about how feng shui has affected the lives of our readers. Share your story in the comments (photos encouraged)! 

by Anjie Cho

My Favorite Things: 6 Space Clearing tools

Welcome to My Favorite Things! Each month, we highlight products to help you create a holistic lifestyle that inspires and nurtures you, so that you can be happier and feel supported.

March is a month of new beginnings as we welcome Spring (finally!). One of my favorite ways to welcome the new season is to clear my space. Space clearing is useful almost any time of year, but it can be especially beneficial during new beginnings to provide a fresh slate and welcome new, positive energy. In fact, we even have an upcoming podcast where I'll talk more in depth about space clearing. Be sure to check it out on March 27! For now, here are my favorite space clearing tools! 

Palo Santo for Space Clearing

Though it isn't traditionally used in feng shui, palo santo is one of my absolute favorite ways to clear space. 

Derived from the palo santo tree (but only after it dies!), palo santo has a much more pleasant smell than traditional sage and is a lovely, effective space clearing tool. 

Just light the sticks until they produce a thick smoke, and circumambulate! Here are more tips on using palo santo.

Available at: Holistic Spaces

Handmade Pottery Bowl

Another of my favorite ways to clear space, which is often used in feng shui adjustments, especially around the Chinese New Year, is orange peels! 

Part of this ritual involves placing the peelings of nine oranges in a beautiful, clean bowl. This bowl from NellHazinskiPottery is a great example! I stumbled across Nell's pottery on etsy and love all her ikebana vases.

Not only is this a beautiful, handmade piece of art, its glaze is non-toxic as well!

Available at: NellHazinskiPottery

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

I've mentioned the lovely ladies at FlowLife NYC before. I met them a few years ago and love their wonderful online shop.

There, you can find Himalayan salt lamps, which are incredible for clearing the air of negative ions and EMFS (we could all use that!). 

Tammy and Maria offer square shaped lamps and pyramid shaped lamps for whatever suits your style (or if you need to add Earth or Fire element to your space!).

Available at: FlowLife NYC

Tibetan Buddhist Tingsha Bells

You can also clear your space, as well as welcome the Metal element, by using Tibetan tingsha, which are small metal cymbals. 

As you walk around the exterior of your space, gently ring tingsha or bells. The vibrations cut through darkness and invite joy into your life. 

Make sure the sound of your bells is pleasing to you and your intentions are clear!

Available at: TerrapinRed

Radiant Energy Mist

Of course you can clear your space at any time, but there are some situations that can be much more draining of our energy. For this, I love to carry Lotus Wei Radiant Energy Mist!

This aura mist is great to use after flying, traveling or spending a length of time near computers and other technology, including x-rays!

Radiant Energy Mist stimulates the immune system, revives energy and even helps to clear your personal space of energy you may have accumulated from others. 

Available at: Lotus Wei

no.3 Space Mist

Holistic Spaces also has a spray made just for space clearing. Our newest mist, called no.3 Space, has been very popular and can be incredibly helpful in clearing spaces where you may not have the luxury of using palo santo, sage or orange peels. 

This clearing blend contains white sage and amethyst and is created with fair trade essential oils to be extremely effective as aromatherapy.

Grab a bottle for your travel bag, office space, car...anywhere, really!

Available at: Holistic Spaces