Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui Adjustments for Powerlines and Manholes

Anjie, I listen to your podcasts as soon as they come out, while driving to work. Very cool! Thank you for doing those. You had a phone consultation with a woman that you aired on the podcast. She asked about gas pipes in the back yard. I have something even worse (I think) - a sewer manhole in the middle of the back yard, and front of house looking at high voltage electric lines. How do you think those two effect us and what can be done to remedy them if they have a negative effect? 

Alex Y., Gaithersburg, MD

Hi Alex

Thank you for listening to my podcasts! I’m happy you are listening to them.

The first part of your question is about manholes in your backyard. A manhole is like a drain of sorts, where resources can become depleted. In BTB feng shui we use a ritual called “sealing of the drains” using cinnabar and a mantra to close off and seal the drain energetically and with intention. It’s a cure that’s shared through a consultation - so unfortunately I’m not able to post it publicly online. However, you can contact me for a consultation. Otherwise you can try placing a pot with a flowering green plant on top of the manhole to bring more positive life energy to the drain.

Now on to the second part, the issue of high voltage electric lines in front of your house. High voltage lines may impact your environment because of the EMFs (electromagnetic forces). Energetically you can try to cut those lines by taking a pair of scissors and symbolically cutting them with the intention that they are not harming you. Now you’re not really cutting anything. It’s kind of like that Kids in the Hall skit, “Head Crusher,” where Mark McKinney "crushes" the heads of random people from several feet away with his fingers. 

Another way to deflect this negative qi is to use a bagua mirror, the kind you find in Chinatown. You can place this on the outside of your home facing the electric lines. However, be careful as this may also deflect opportunities from your life.

As with many conditions requiring feng shui adjustments, each of these issues, and the circumstances surrounding them, can be different on an individual basis. These basic remedies should work, especially with good intentions, but if you're really worried about the adjustments, I would definitely recommend finding an expert who works well with you. 

by Anjie Cho

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