Q&A Sunday: Black Tourmaline for Protection

Could you talk a little more about using black tourmaline for protection (tip 19 from your book)? Not sure where exactly to place them.

Izabela F., Roseville, CA

Hi Izabela,

Thanks so much for your question from the book. For the readers who don’t have the book, here is the excerpt from tip 19 from Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home.

In feng shui, black is related to wisdom and knowledge… Black can be contemplative, too… Because black absorbs, black tourmaline is excellent for protection from negative energy, including electromagnetic smog. Use four pieces to create a grid under your bed, in your bedroom, or for your entire home. Place one piece in each corner (of the bed, bedroom, or entire home). This generates an energetic grid of security and absorbs most types of harmful energy.

Black tourmaline is a natural crystal that’s pretty popular! It can absorb negative energies and provide protection. I love the idea of incorporating it into your home so it’s part of the design of your space. The black tourmaline can be small tumbled pieces, around 1/2”-2” diameter. The rough pieces, larger and smaller, also work. See what you’re drawn to and what is available for you.

Black Tourmaline for Protection - Grid.jpg

I’ve created a diagram that I hope will be helpful for you, Izabela. The red stars indicate where you can place the crystals if they would go under your bed. They can also go between your box spring and mattress, or fastened to the bottom of your bed frame. Sometimes that’s easier if you have pets, children or a cleaning person who may move them around. Similarly, the blue stars indicate where you would place them in the bedroom, and the yellow stars would indicate where they would be located if the grid is created for the entire home.

You may be wondering which option to choose: bed, bedroom, or entire home. Usually it’s best to start with your personal energy, so I would suggest you do this for your bed first. It’s also worth noting it’s probably overkill to do all three areas (bed, bedroom and home) unless you have a very unique situation.

Check out our black tourmaline and crystal set for protection on the Holistic Spaces store website. I have included in the set a pointed clear quartz crystal that can be placed in the center of the grid. Clear quartz provides clarity and it can be programmed for your intention. Check it out!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Microwaves and Feng Shui

Microwaves and Feng Shui.jpg

My microwave is in the Abundance/prosperity gua. It cannot be removed. How can I improve the feng shui of the kitchen ? Can you suggest a cure?

Giuliana G., Lille, France

Hi Giuliana

Hello to France! I love that you write in such wonderful and useful questions!

In this case, my sense is that a microwave in your Abundance and wealth area may not necessarily be a feng shui issue. Things like microwaves, waste bins, laundry baskets, etc. have to go somewhere right? It's more about not letting the rubbish or laundry pile up and being conscious of your space. In the case of a microwave, are you keeping it clean and in good repair? Personally, I try to avoid microwaves because of the health risks. I also feel as though it turns the ritual of making life-force-infused food with intention into a quick and thoughtless one-minute zap. But I'm definitely not here to judge, and there is a time and place for them. Either way, I do think it is worth taking a look at the EMFs that microwaves emit. 

The radiation from microwaves isn't necessarily dangerous like other radiation (i.e. from X-rays), but there is a lack of studies regarding long term effect of the low levels of radiation from microwaves. However, microwaves do emit the same sort of EMFs as cell phones and other electronics, so they can cause stress on the body and health problems like headaches, fatigue, nausea, etc., especially in combination with the other EMFs we're exposed to regularly. Anything plugged in creates an EMF.

The best way to avoid negative effects from the microwave is to try not to spend excessive time near it. Avoid standing near the microwave and waiting for your food, and if possible, try to situate the dining table, cooking area, etc. at least 5 feet from the microwave.

Energetically I have used a plug buster (which I unfortunately cannot find online anymore) as well as black tourmaline in my home to mitigate the effects of EMFS. Black tourmaline is one of the most popular healing crystals for dispersing negative energy, and it can be very effective in working against EMFs. The stones have a quality that works to balance the energy of the body through energy conversion, and maintaining this balance can help counteract some of the many sources of stress in everyday lives, including cell phones, electromagnetic smog and other negative energies. We have a black tourmaline set in the Holistic Spaces store, and you can place a crystal between you and the microwave or around your neck.

Of course, it will also be helpful to eliminate other EMFs where possible. The fewer you are exposed to, the better!

by Anjie Cho

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Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Where rose quartz is known primarily for attracting love, black tourmaline is the champion crystal of providing spiritual stability and protecting against various types of negative energy. For many spiritual and metaphysical healers, black tourmaline is known to be the best protective crystal available. Black tourmaline’s prized ability comes from a tendency to decrease internal negative energy within those who wear or use it. Not only does the crystal aid in releasing self doubts, anxiety and other negative emotions, it is said to encourage good luck, optimism and happiness as well.

One of the best ways to use black tourmaline is during meditation. When meditating for the purpose of grounding oneself, black tourmaline is a perfect addition to the process because of its powerful use in providing spiritual stability. Black tourmaline can also be placed beneath a pillow for cleansing of the body’s energy field and the surrounding space. On a physical level, black tourmaline has even been said to effectively reduce the pain of arthritis and spinal/muscular problems as well as strengthen the immune system.

Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz together are like yin and yang, providing balance. Black tourmaline grounds, protects and purifies. It is especially useful for protection from electro-magnetic forces and negative energies. Clear Quartz is a powerful healer and can be programmed to enhance and improve imbalances.

Locate these four tumbled black tourmaline pieces, available in the Holistic Spaces store, in the four corners of your bed, any room or your entire home to create a grid of protection. Place the pointed clear quartz in the center of the grid.

by Anjie Cho