Q&A Sunday: The Best Front Door for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Dear Anjie,

Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for your podcast; it's very helpful. I'm in the process of moving to a new house. It would be very helpful if you could please let me know which is the best front door direction to look for, as I and my wife are creative professionals. I write music for film and tv and she writes and edits novels and short stories. And both of us work from home. We would like to strengthen our financial stability and growth. And we would also like to attract more opportunities in our respective careers.

Jaikumar S., Mumbai, India

Dear Jaikumar,

Thank you for your email, and I’m glad you like the podcast!

I understand you would like to know the best front door direction for your family as creative professionals who work from home. There are dozens of feng shui schools, and the one that I practice is called BTB feng shui. BTB feng shui does not prioritize the direction of the front door on the basis of the compass directions, rather we look at how the door is located in relationship to the flow of qi (or energy). 

Because you noted that you and your wife would like to attract more opportunities, it would be best if your entry door was easy to find and visible from the street. Ideally you would have the house number very easy to find and a clear path to reach the front door. This means that the qi can find you, therefore the opportunities can also reach you with ease. 

I would discourage a front door to a home that is on the side or back of the house, or hidden. If it’s hard for your friends to visit you, it will also be for all the opportunities and prosperous qi. 

You mentioned that you and your wife would like to work on financial stability and growth. With respect to the front door, you could make sure that the home has a door that is stable and in good condition. Repair any non-functioning items and oil any squeaky hinges. You can even repaint the door to refresh the qi. The colors related to growth are bright blue and green. These colors relate to the wood element. Or you can opt for a deep green like the color of a deeply rooted and stable tree canopy.

Remember to keep your entrance well-lit and free of clutter as well! I encourage you to also take a look at some of the blog posts on creating a productive home working space, like The Feng Shui Home Cleanse That Will Bring Your Intentions to Life, as well as Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Career Growth and Direction, another relevant reader question. Thank you again for reading the blog and listening to the podcast. I hope these adjustments help!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: I Ching Divination for Moderation and Self Care

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What would be the most effective way to bring, health, protection, and prosperity to our home? My 87-year-old mother lives with us. My husband is struggling, and his mental and physical energy is very low. Can you help prevent him from forgetting so much and struggling to concentrate and increase his mental and physical energy?

Eliane B., Coral Springs, FL

Hi Eliane, 

Thank you so much for your question! It's a little complicated and there are a lot of things going on in this question. I understand you're having problems with health, protection and prosperity and with your husband forgetting a lot and having mental health issues. My intuition guided me to an I Ching reading for this question, so I'll share that insight with you.

The I Ching is also known as the Book of Changes, and it's a way of divination based on Taoism. As is the I Ching practice, I threw coins for your question and received what is called Hexagram #39, which is Water over Mountain. This hexagram represents obstacles. One thing the I Ching tells me is that right now you have a lot of stumbling blocks in your life, and that's obvious in your question. It feels like you may have a lot of confusion there as well. I Ching reflects that as you're experiencing these obstacles, now is not a good time for you to push ahead into the danger. Imagine you're like a rushing river, but you have a lot of snags in your way. If you wait and build up your strength, you will push through these difficulties naturally, much like a river makes its way through a mountain.

So my suggestion would be to not use force right now. Instead, just sit and be patient. The I Ching suggests you don't have the strength to move past these obstructions yet, so focus on building your power and vigor. The second hexagram that comes up is 15, which is Moderation. This confirms that now is a time of moderation, not stubbornly moving forward. Practice moderation in your eating habits, how you spend money and in everything you do, and be careful not to go to extremes, because that could actually create more problems for you. 

As for a feng shui adjustment that could support this path, you may begin to cultivate patience and moderation in your journey to gaining the might you need for this task. I recommend working on a few opposite areas of the feng shui bagua: Self-Knowledge and Relationships, which is also related to self-care. Both of these areas are Earth elements, so nurturing them is not about doing anything, but about taking care of yourself, moving slowly and implementing self-control as you build strength. Since this is an issue between you and your husband, I suggest activating these bagua areas of your bed. To do this, place a nine-inch long red ribbon under your mattress in each area, Knowledge and Relationships. When working with a bed, set the bagua at the head of the bed so that the headboard runs along the Abundance, Recognition and Relationships areas, and the foot borders Knowledge, Path in Life and Benefactors. 

Facing your headboard from the foot of your bed, the left corner closest to you would be Knowledge. Put a nine-inch long red ribbon there. The far right corner, near the headboard, would be where you place another ribbon to activate Relationships. That's my advice for now. Make these small adjustments with intention and keep the idea of moderation in mind. You are experiencing setbacks, but instead of focusing on that, really take care of yourself and actively work on your self-cultivation and self-care right now. Good luck!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Bells, Chimes and Abundance

Hi Anjie! I love your five elements series. In the post My Favorite Things: 5 Ways to Bring Metal into Your Home, you mention that you have a bell on your desk to promote abundance. Is this always the case with bells and chimes? If I'm looking to promote prosperity and wealth, is adding a bell to my abundance area a good adjustment?

Cole P., Akron, OH

Hi Cole!

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the podcasts and blog posts! I'd be happy to elaborate on using bells as feng shui adjustments. 

Bells and chimes are not necessarily related to abundance. Bells and chimes are metal element, but there is not a direct connection to abundance. I suggested bells and chimes for adding metal element, because they are that...the metal element!

However, the sound that bells and chimes make create vibrations that move out into the universe. Just like the butterfly theory. The butterfly effect reasons that small changes can result in big differences. In the same way, when you ring a bell or chime, it creates a sound and vibration to extend out into the world and let the universe know that you may want to attract more clients or wealth into your life. You can doubly reinforce that by doing this in the abundance area of the bagua map.

But you could also do this in, for instance, the benefactors area to attract more helpful people into your life and home. which actually in turn creates more abundance, though not necessarily monetary. :)  Or you could ring a bell or chime in the relationship area to attract a partner.

Overall, ringing a bell or chime does send out a message to the universe that you are opening your space to something new, but just adding these to your space, and not ringing them with intention, is not enough to attract prosperity and abundance. 

If you're looking to increase your wealth, prosperity and abundance, take a look at some of the other posts on the blog for suggestions like adding citrine, activating the self-knowledge area of your space, adding plants and more. There are many ways to welcome abundance through feng shui!

by Anjie Cho

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6 Easy Feng Shui Fixes to Create Prosperity

Aside from help in the romance department, feng shui for prosperity and abundance is one of the most popular requests I get. We all want love and stability! Fortunately, there are many easy adjustments that can encourage prosperity and open your life to abundance. Here are some of my favorites!

Put Your Furniture in Command

It's important that all your major furniture pieces are in the commanding position, as this symbolically places you in control of your life. This is especially important for your desk, where you earn your financial stability, and your stove, where you nourish yourself. If it's not possible to put these directly in the commanding position, add mirrors to make the doors in your space visible from these positions. 

Add a Plant (Or Plants) to Your Prosperity Corner

On the feng shui bagua map, the back left corner of your space represents abundance, wealth and prosperity. Adding a plant to this space promotes growth and prosperity in addition to bringing a beautiful touch of nature inside. Check the blog for plant recommendations or opt for three or nine bamboo stalks to really amp up your abundance!

Set Up Some Mirrors

Mirrors are a common adjustment in feng shui and they work well for encouraging prosperity. To increase your earning ability and bring prosperity, add a small, round mirror above your workspace to enhance focus and clarity while you work. You can also add a mirror behind your stove, as burners represent prosperity as well, and mirroring them symbolically multiplies them in number! 

Add Citrine

Back to the Abundance area of the bagua map, adding citrine here can also stimulate abundance and prosperity. As with any feng shui adjustments, you can lay the bagua on your bedroom, office, desk or entire space to effectively make this adjustment, or opt for three different placements (bedroom, home and desk) to triple your prosperity!

Add Water to Your Entry

Water represents the flow of cash and wealth into your space, so adding a water element to the entry of your home is a great way to increase prosperity. Just be sure that any water element with actual flowing water directs into your home, not out! 

Carry a Chinese Astrological Charm

In Chinese New Year and astrology, each year honors a different animal. Each of those animals has a best friend in the zodiac animal kingdom. If you're looking for prosperity, check out the current year's animal, then carry a feng shui charm of that animal's best friend for protection and luck. This year's best friend is the Snake!

There are numerous feng shui adjustments to increase prosperity and abundance. The more in depth you get with a feng shui practitioner, the more personal these cures will get, but these basic remedies can certainly work wonders as well! We'd love to hear about your adjustments from the blog, so please send photos or stories about how feng shui is improving your life!

by Anjie Cho

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Painting  Gan  esha   yantra  this weekend with my teacher  @sacredma   #sacredart  photo by  @sandrinevanslee

Painting Ganesha yantra this weekend with my teacher @sacredma #sacredart photo by @sandrinevanslee

Saraswati and her yantra cultivates beauty knowledge and the arts  #saraswati   #watercolor   #goddess

Saraswati and her yantra cultivates beauty knowledge and the arts #saraswati #watercolor #goddess

Goddess  yantras  knowledge and prosperity completed.  #saraswati   #lakshmi   #yantra

Goddess yantras knowledge and prosperity completed. #saraswati #lakshmi #yantra

#mantraMonday   Tara  from Carmen Mensink, my tibetan thangka teacher, she grants all wishes and bestows assistance for anyone in need, just ask. Mantra: Om Tare TuTare Ture Soha!  #mantra   #greentara   #thangka   #tibetanart   #tara   #peaceday

#mantraMonday Tara from Carmen Mensink, my tibetan thangka teacher, she grants all wishes and bestows assistance for anyone in need, just ask. Mantra: Om Tare TuTare Ture Soha! #mantra #greentara #thangka #tibetanart #tara #peaceday

#beforeandafter  of a foyer. The foyer is impt. as it represents your face to the world  #fengshui   #interiors   #foyer

#beforeandafter of a foyer. The foyer is impt. as it represents your face to the world #fengshui #interiors #foyer