Q&A Sunday: Laying the Bagua Map on a South-Facing House

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Hi! I have been a listener of your podcast since the beginning and I really enjoy your practical approach! I am reaching to you with a question: What to do when the entrance of your house faces south? Is it possible to successfully apply the bagua to a space without getting it all wrong/opposite of where it is supposed to be? 

Eight years ago, I had a consultant come to our house and help me map the bagua and cures. It worked wonderfully! We moved out of state almost five years ago to our current house, and our lives are completely different. I am mostly concerned with my husband's career. We went from having a lot of support and growth in our careers, to being overlooked and feeling completely stuck where we are now. Just yesterday he found out that he lost a big part of the compensation package that was the incentive that moved us to where we live now. How do I activate the career and helpful people areas without feeling like maybe I am doing it in the wrong place? 

Veronica H., Forest City, NC

Hi Veronica,

Thanks so much for listening to the podcast since the beginning! Your first question is: what to do when the entrance of your house faces south. There are dozens of schools of feng shui, and the one that I practice is called BTB feng shui. In BTB, we don’t use the cardinal or compass directions to place the feng shui bagua map. So, from my perspective, it makes no difference whether your house faces south in successfully applying the bagua to your space. 

As far as the layout of the bagua on your current home, I do think the “nagging feeling” is important to pay attention to. However it’s also useful to have trust in the feng shui consultant you worked with, because that’s what the universe has presented to you. 

From a BTB perspective, I think the best way for you to activate the Career and Benefactors areas would be to focus on the bedroom. It’s beneficial to start closest to you, and it’s also going to be easier for you to lay the bagua map in a room as opposed to the entire house. You would stand in the doorway of your bedroom, looking in, then divide the room into a three-by-three grid. If you’re interested in the helpful people (Benefactors) area, that would be on the nearest right corner, while the career (Path in Life) would be the center of that wall that the entry is located on. I think that career as well as Benefactors - helpful people definitely need activation, but also maybe consider the Recognition - Fame area. You said that you were being overlooked, and the Recognition area can help to improve being seen.

When I do consultations, I always ask clients to choose three things to focus on, so this might be a great trio for you to look to in making adjustments. I encourage you to re-listen to the earlier podcasts on these bagua areas and check the blog for suggestions on how to improve the Path in Life, Benefactors and Fame areas. There are many ways to make adjustments here, and I'm certain one will be fitting for you!

by Anjie Cho

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