Q&A Sunday: What To Do When Feeling Stuck in Your Life

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I spoke to you back in the summer and I fixed my lamp and got a job. Any more I can do to declutter my home? Where can I look to free the space more? I'm 25 and still feel so stuck. I'm a bit worried. How do I make more money and unstick my life? Can you give me another suggestion?

Stella I., Forest Hills, NY

Dear Stella,

Thank you for your email and question. That’s wonderful that you incorporated some of the suggestions we spoke about, including fixing your lamp. And congratulations on the job! Amazing!!!

Although you have seen some progress, you’re indicating that you still feel stuck, worried, you want to make more money, and you want to free up space. These are very human and real problems that I think every person is facing in their lives. Without knowing more than what you’ve written in this email, my first thought is to suggest that you work on your self-cultivation

There are many factors in life, which Professor Lin Yun (founder of BTB feng shui) called the “Art of Living”. You can read more about this in my teacher’s book “The Modern Book of Feng Shui” by Steven Post.  

  • Fate or destiny, which is what we were born with, like our astrology

  • Karma, the sum of your actions, cause and effect, what we did and what we do

  • Feng shui, or your physical and energetic environment

  • Luck, which we can adjust with feng shui and karma

  • Education, what you do with yourself while you’re here

Again, with not much to go on, my best advice is to work on your self-knowledge and educate yourself in spiritual matters. This may mean to work with training your mind. All of these factors in life affect us, and de-cluttering your home or more money may create some relief, but it sounds like your discomfort is much deeper. 

I recently attended a workshop about journaling. My friend Katie Dalebout walked us through the values of journaling, which she also outlines in her book, Let It Out! Katie was so inspiring that I purchased some legal pads that evening! And I've been journaling every morning since. This practice might be helpful for you to look at your life and see yourself with clarity. For a feng shui twist, you can sit in the Self-knowledge or New Beginnings area of your bedroom or home to give yourself some extra umph! Here's a blog post where I interview Katie about journaling.

Maybe this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but I sensed you want a quick fix, a magic pill, and I challenge you to dive into your stuckness and worry, and see what is underneath. Yes, feng shui can truly help with this, but you can also go deeper and look inside of you!

by Anjie Cho

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